Thursday, February 25, 2016

Recker Turns 5

Recker has turned 5, I cannot believe it's been 5 years.  Our lives have been so generously blessed over the past 5 years, it's hard to imagine what my life was like before.  We have grown in numbers, our 3rd grandson will be born within a few weeks.  Ezra will be 2 February.

Have I said lately how much I truly love him?  He melts me heart.  I can honestly say there has never been one time I've been disappointed or upset with him.  He just lives in a world I wish I could enter for just a few minutes.  I love when he takes my hand and leads me to the candy jar, or to the back door, hoping bonbon will take him out to play, only to be stopped by dad or mom saying "Recker, you can't go outside right now" usually because he hates to wear shoes.  I love how sweet he is to everyone in our family, and how the boys wrestle with him, and when I say boys I mean Jeremy, Blake, Brian and Scott. Sunday nights at my house are pretty crazy, and Recker loves every minute of it.  I love how he can take his little IPAD and maneuver it better than any of us adults, he loves Disney movies, and try's to sing along to the Lion King, I love when he covers his ears or eyes when a character in the movie is being cruel or mean to someone else.  He has appropriate feelings for those emotions, some typical kids love those parts the best, but not my little Recker, sometimes he gets a look in his eyes of complete sadness, he understands compassion, he understands authentic love and embraces all he can get from all his aunts and uncles.  I'm pretty sure his hero is his daddy, the rougher Jeremy is with him the more he likes it, sometimes it scares me but it never seems to bother Recker.  I know for a fact his favorite woman in the world is his mom.  He misses her when she's gone, he searches for her around the house, and he runs from her when he thinks he can.

He now understands so much about his surroundings, and the differences he has.  Kayla has taught us all about teaching him he may be different, but not less.  This sweet little boy has taught me more in his short little 5 years of life than I've learned in my almost 52 years.  I could seriously sit and watch him all day long, he cracks me up then brings me to tears within minutes.  I've never seen a child so curious, he knows every hiding place in my house and many times since he will be very quiet while we are all searching frantically for him.... he knows what he's doing.  He may be non-verbal, but this little guy is anything but quiet, unless he's hiding. A few weeks ago he was upstairs playing in our playroom, well we thought he was anyway.  He was actually in the hall closet up stairs trying to figure a way to climb to the top shelf.  In that closet we have a laundry shoot but he