Monday, February 15, 2016

Family Life

Kaitlyn graduated from Highland High in December (yes early) she is still going to walk with her class in May. Over the summer she went to Utah to take classes to become a CNA (certified nurses assistant) she wants to get a nursing degree, when she came home she found out that Arizona will not hire you as a CNA until you are 18 and she will not be 18 until March. In Utah they would hire her right out of school, so she is in Utah as I write this with her friends looking for jobs, she is going to live with Lindsey Barney and Kelsey Webster. I remember bringing her home from the hospital as an infant like it was yesterday, over the years she has been such a joy to us and we are going to miss her so much when she leaves. I hope she comes home and says she doesn't want to move.....Haleigh found out yesterday that Kaitlyn may move up permanently and she was upset, she said " NO...she cant move....she's my best friend who will I talk to?" I told her she knew this would happen eventually since she is the baby. I don't think she wants to be stuck here with mom and dad, I told her that it means we just get to spoil her more............still NOT HAPPY!!!! Life as I know it is changing and I am not ready for it.


Marilyn said... I have tears rolling down my cheeks....I can't stand for everyone to grow up!!! I just got back from Katie's in Calif. and I can't stand that she lives so far a nurse and all...but that's just the way it you think I would get use to it. I am proud of your girls! I miss you all, but you are in my heart