Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spring Break in Mexico

We had so much fun in Mexico for springbreak, this year the media has really talked a lot about Mexico being so dangerous. This ended up being good for us because there were less college kids down here. It was quiet, all the LDS kids came to have a good time and we really enjoyed it. I tried to tell people there has been NO violence in Rocky Point but once people hear ""Mexico"" they get paranoid I told one of my friends it's like saying "since there was a killing in Los Angeles it's not safe to live in Arizona" in fact if we were to do a search on violence in the World Arizona is in the top five and is the #2 most violent in the US and is #1 for kidnappings in the US. So basically it is more dangerous to live in Phoenix than to come to Rocky Point. I would never try to convince people to come down here,but we have never had a bad time coming across the border, I have never even seen any guns at the border and as long as you are obeying the law you wont get in trouble with the law, in other words if you are a good person in the USA then you should be a good person MEXICO and you will be just fine.


Linda Bennett said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. You look so amazing~ you could totally pass as one of those teenagers! I love the beach pictures of you and Eric. Hey~ it's time for a lunch date again soon. I miss you!

Marilyn said...

I am glad to guys have a "get away"'s important! It beats paying a hotel and everyone loves what fun memories. You and Eric are just as cute as when you got married last year!
Love you guys! mm

Leah Martineau said...

Hey Monya, how are you doing?? Um I can't believe your baby is almost 16. You all look great!!! I love blogs, it is the best way to keep up with everyone!!!

ps I'm obsessed with Sawyer from LOST too!! Holy Hottie!!

*Tawny* said...

Cute cute pictures.. Your so skinnny monya! and I loveee your jeans in those pictures :)

Yea I have to agree I have never had a bad time in Mexico and it doesn't scare me going down there even tho everyone is freaking out!!!

Anonymous said...

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