Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tomorrow is SUPERBOWL??? Who Cares

I think it is amazing how no-one in this town has cared or supported the Cardinals until now. Everytime someone has mentioned the Cardinals since they have been an Arizona team, there is always someone who rolls their eyes, or makes some negative comment...come on you know its true, I dont even watch football and I know that. Today on my way to the gym I saw car after car with cardinal support flying high, and what happens if they lose tomorrow? Are we back to blah, blah, blah? I think so!!! To be a true FAN you have to support through the good and the bad....Me? I could care less about the CArdinals and I dont pretend to, we will have the game on tomorrow I'm sure but I won't even watch, I am happy for the Cardinals though and I hope they do well. I will eat and enjoy all the food, but will not watch the game since I know nothing about Football and I am not about to try and figure it out now.