Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Kiss That got Away!!!

Today at church the RS presidency gave me a bag of hershey's kisses bc it's my birthday on Wednesday....we won't get into that until Wednesday.........anyways I was so hungry after church and after 2 hours with a class of (11) very active six year olds in Primary (actually I love them they are so funny) anyways I tore open the bag of kisses and one fell down in between the seats I was so determined to find it (while I was driving) that I looked up just in time to almost run into someones mailbox, I swerved away hoping no one in my ward saw me..... all bc I could not wait to eat that stupid kiss, my house is only about 2-3 minutes from the church ..... why couldn't I just wait????? The things we do for a little chocolate. I did find the kiss and it was in the back seat, how did that happen???
One of my primary kids told me today when the primary sang happy birthday to me, that I looked like an old grandma.... what the heck??? I wish I was 6 again and could say whatever I want to whoever I want....wait I do , do that don't I? Do I look like an old grandma? Well anything over 20 looks old to a 6 year old. I think if I say that over and over it makes me feel better about myself ha ha.


Marilyn said...

Are you kidding?....Anyone over 12 looks old to them!!!! What I hate is when I see a picture of myself and I think..."You look like an old grandma!"....and I am right.
I am going to make a list of what things go old on you & in what decade it retrospect I can see them....What do you know about those, "Lift for Life" proceedures...they sure look good on T.V. !!!! Also now you know one more thing about chocolate...Chocolate can kill!! I just hope they don't outlaw cell phones while you drive....!!! Don't let anymore people know about the chocoate kiss...or they will outlaw them while you drive too! (smiles to you!) mm

Eric and Monya Williams Family said...

Marilyn-- you are so funny

*Tawny* said...

You don't look like an old grandma!!! hahaha that is a funny comment though. Yes it was a very fun and good experience goign to the orphanege, cant wait to go again those kids are so cute and so happy to seee new faces!!

Good to see you today! :)

ps.. thanks for the sweet comment :) You are so sweet!

*Tawny* said...

I missed eric today so tell him HHIII for me!

Flake Family said...

I sure hope that wasn't my child! He better know better then that....yikes. You still look hot and amazing. I'm glad you didn't wreck! We have all done that at one time or another. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

The Roussel's said...

baha are you serious? you are a MILF not a GILF (at least not YET wink wink haha oh dad dont worry it wont be for a few years, at least till we're done with school!!!) As for the chocolate incident....ive dont that before but i dropped a peanut butter m&m (which is even worse because its not covered in a wrapper, gross i know but i looooove those things!!)....i love you