Friday, February 12, 2016

Girls Trip to New York

After graduation my dear friend Jenny and I took our daughters to NYC...Kaitlyn and I had been there several times before but it was the 1st time for Jenny and Ashley. We had so much fun, I enjoyed every minute of the time I got to spend with Kaitlyn.

We laugh so much our sides hurt,,,,Love you Jenny

I love my sweet little girl

I love Jenny!!!!

we jumped on the beds at the little girls on their first trip

the "SEAMEN" were walking all over NYC while we were there, they saw the girls and wanted to take pictures with them, it was fun but they had alot to drink that night I think...they were going out t0 sea the next morning for a few months

gotta love a man (boy) in uniform.

The statue of Liberty is always a must while in NYC

Shots at the park with Kaitlyn, I love her!!

we took pictures everywhere...Radio City Music Hall

anything can happen on the streets of NYC we saw this guy dancing with himself so Kaitlyn just joined him, it was so funny

A day in flip flops on the streets of NYC

Our photo shoot

Dyland Candy Bar (owned by Ralph Laurens daughter Dylan) funnest candy store ever!!!

we saw Mary Poppins on Broadway

jenny and i on the subway

kaitlyn and ashley in the park

kaitlyn and ashley in the "I love New York" t shirts


Cam and Mele said...

girl, I didn't know you had a blog, or like ten at that!! I'm glad you commented, I will definitely add you and catch up frequently!
What a FUN trip, we want to go back to NYC so bad, and take our sweet little phoeb's with us!!

Marilyn said...

Alllll Good!!! What fun and what memories!!! Good job!

*Tawny* said...

Looks like SOOOO much fun! I am jealous, I wanna go to NYC very very very bad!!!!

Very cute and spunky pictures as well!! :)

Daily Comics said...

How fun Monya - I can't wait to take our girls. Their first trip was with MA not even with us. When's the next time you're going to Mexico?? I was wondering if I could pay you to pick me up some vanilla? Also, I never did get that e-mail from Amy. My computer has been down - so no rush . . . but we'll be taking some road trips and I would like to work on my comp during the trip on family memory stuff - andi

Jen Frost said...

Love the pictures from NY. I'm so glad you had fun. Hope to go sometime with my little girl.

sara said...