Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wisdom Teeth Removed

today Kaitlyn had her wisdom teeth removed, she was pretty druggy yelling out for Emily, and on the phone asking everyone where Jamie was, because she was supposed to come over and go jogging with her.......... yeah right!!!! Whe is really swollen up and bruised, but has her funny wits about her. We are going to miss her so much when she goes up to Utah, I am enjoying the time I have with her right now. She is really having a hard time dealing with the death of Dennis Barney. This is just part of the circle of life and a part of life that none of us want to experience, it makes us into much stronger people.
On another note, I have been working out like crazy trying to get the last of Christmas weight off. I have always exercised at least one hour a week 6 days a week, but now I have added a cardio class and I am doing 2 hours of cardio a day. When I got out of class last night I was soaked with sweat....sick..... I was walking out to my car and I thought it was raining because I felt water dripping on the back of my leg, I finally realized it was my hair dripping on my leg. I have always been obsessed with working out I love it, I feel so good when I am done. Now I just need to get the diet down, I love to eat, but when I am burning at least 3000 calories a day I dont worry too much about it. My life is good, I love where I am right now.


Linda Bennett said...

You thinking that it was raining when sweat dripped on your leg~ I'm laughing out loud right now. So glad I found your blog!

The Roussel's said...

is kaitlyn as bad as blake was? hahahah him shouting thinking someone is trying to get him and keeping his bb gun with him haha

michelle said...

Monya, I linked to your blog thru Kayla's. How are you??? We seriously need to get together sometime. Call me! Michelle

*Tawny* said...

HI Monya!!!
I found your blog on Kaylas and wanted to say Hi and I miss you!! Hope you guys are doing awesome!!!


*Tawny* said...

ps.. tell kaitlyn hi and I miss her and Love her!!!

sara said...


Thanks for your comments!!

It is so fun to see your blog! I lOVE the little slide show in the sidebar!!! Everyone is Gorgeous -so grown up! and Kaitlyn is your spitting image! That will be hard to have her in Ut -but how exciting for her!

I love sweating that much :) 2hrs a day!! Go girl! I too am trying to loose the weight I've put on (in the last YEAR though) -So far so good. I love working out too.

Marilyn said...

My hat's off to you....when I feel rain on the back of my is usually a puddle and I am not running!

Thanks for your support for Sara...she is a great mom...little ones are a challenge..those little boys are busy....and so is dad.
Love you guys, mm

Shannon said...

Wow! We've been trying to get motivated to start exercising again. How do you do it?