Thursday, February 25, 2016

Just a Few Minutes in Town With Eric

Eric and I are in Mexico for our monthly trip to check on our condos. The weather is beautiful and I am not looking forward to the heat that is sure to come in the next couple of months. We went to the fish market today, eric wanted to grill some shrimp for dinner. I did not want to go down to the market, I just wanted him to go and bring it back, but he really wanted me to ride with him. So off we go,and the whole time I'm thinking this is not going to be a quick trip, anyone who knows my husband knows he likes to talk to the locals down here. It's quite funny to watch since he knows very little spanish, he tries to speak to them in French, and apparently thinks they are all deaf because he talks very loud when he speaks to them. I also knew that since we were going to buy something he was going to haggle with them and I hate that part. So here is how it went:

Eric (remember he's real loud) Hola, amigo
Fredrico: Hola, how can I help you (he speaks english quite well)
Eric: what kind of deal are you going to give me on this shrimp?
Fredrico: Oh for you sir, very good deal, best in the market, special just for you
Eric: How much?
Fredrico: no worries, for you good buy from me I am the only honest one here on the street
Eric: Oh dont give me all say the same thing...just tell me how much
Fredrico: how much you want to buy?
Eric: it depends on how much you are going to rip me off, I could buy more if you just give it to me for $3 a pound
Fredrico: (laughing outloud for everyone to hear) you wont find that price any where here in the market. I am the only one who has the american scale...(then he proceeds to show Eric his top of the line scale, takes some shrimp out and weighs it then sticks it on the "rip Off" mexican scale) see ev everyone else has this scale they all rip you off but not me I'm honest
Eric: you mean to tell me your friends next door here are ripping people off? (then eric gives his signature wave of the hand, as if to say get lost)
Fredirico runs after us saying please come back I will give you best price on the street this time.....
We got the shrimp for $3 a pound.....and 45 minutes later I was ready to go.....although I was highly entertained once again by my husband, I was so ready to get back to the condo!!!!


Marilyn said...

Oh Monya...I love that boy...I know he is a man...but Oh, how I love him. He is so funny and I still remember when he was a little guy....running around with his shirt off about Brock's age on a hot summer day playing on the drive-way. Who would have known he would become Senor Bargain Hunter...he loves the game of it more than anything else. He loves competition! Have fun..stay as long as you can!

The Roussel's said...

bahahahahahahahahaha YESSSSS i love dad!!! he is amazing and being in mexico with him is THE ABSOLUTE BEST!! at least you are bringing home some amazing shrimp! im getting sooo sick of eating steak for dinner i cant wait to eat some shrimp, jeremy and i are going to eat it for dinner tomorrow....wait are you coming home today? if so we will just grab some shrimp from you instead of buying it from costco!! CALL ME! LOVE YOU!!

*Tawny* said...

hahahah eric is a super funny man... All these stories makes me wanna go to Mexico with him. I love the conversation with Eric and the mexican cuz WORD FOR WORD it sounded exactly how the mexican talked... i can picture them in my head telling me they give me the best deal, just for me.. yayayayayya. ha

Linda Bennett said...

I haven't seen Eric on so many years and yet this story made me feel like I still know him well. My favorite memory of him was when Kevin dumped me after his mission and you and I were housesitting for Sister Meiners. He was trying to make me feel better so he put an arm around each of us and told me a story and used his french accent. It did make me feel much better! And now 25 years of marriage to Kevin is good. But should he ever dump me again, I may need to go to France next time.