Thursday, February 25, 2016

Kaitlyn is Gone To Utah

I miss my little Kaitlyn girl!!!! She is now living in Utah and going to UVU. I am so proud of her but our house is so lonely without her bright smile entering the room and lighting up our hearts. I went to visit her this weekend, she lives in a cute old house downtown Provo. It was fun to visit her and her roommates and see her wanting to do everything just right and be responsible.... (we hope anyway)
She said she reads her scriptures every morning and is getting involved with all the Young Adult activities, but as a parent we still worry, I guess that is our job to worry and to pray everyday that our kids make righteous choices, not because mom and dad tell them to, but because they know they will be blessed for making the right choices. It is now time to see what they have learned.
Haleigh is missing her so much but now that she has her drivers license she will be able to not rely on Kaitlyn as much and be able to go see her friends and hopefully make new ones. It is a wonderful feeling to know that your kids miss eachother and that they have become best friends with eachother. I love that my kids can get into arguments but still say " I LOVE YOU " everyday to eachother... isn't it wonderful that they know they can work it out???
We will miss you Kaitlyn, but dad and I are looking forward to what you will make of yourself, your future is bright and you are a dedicated sweet girl, go for it all, and don't settle for anything less than what you know you can achieve.


larsen family said...

I'm such a bad person. I have to thank you for the beautiful books you made of Kamber. I have to admitt that Teri gave them to me about a month ago and I still haven't written you a thank you note. When I get your adress and stop procrastinating I will get it to you. But I want you to know how much it meant to me for you to make those beautiful books of our angel girl. My girls and Ethan love to look at them. Thanks for bringing some happiness my way.
Sending Love,
Jen Larsen

Marilyn said...

Good luck to Kaitlyn and to you as her is a wonderful time..and scary too. It sounds like she has her feet on the ground...and she will try her wings....we all are still learning.

Nichole said...

I am sure Lindsey is loving having her there and I bet she is having a great time. Those are my favorite memories being up there at school. Luckily you can visit a lot since it is so close.