Monday, February 15, 2016

Keep It Clean

For all of you who like to stash things away and keep them forever....get rid of it all
Last week a flood in the basement of Erics dads house forced us to get rid of junk, it was not a pretty sight, a huge dumpster outside of his house of coarse all the locals (and he lives on Broadway/Stapley so you know who I am talking about) found their way into the garbage bin, our junk is their treasure????
On the other hand we found some amazing things down there, pictures from Dad in the Navy, Love Letters from him and Vi to eachother, missionary journals and so much more that I will soon be publishing in a Heritage Book for my kids.
So....moral of the story keep the important and get rid of the rest, or your kids will have to someday, and they will be cussing your name the whole time.



Linda Bennett said...

I agree! I throw things away that I sometimes regret later. But I hate stuff sitting around that I know I'll never need.

Daily Comics said...

Hey Monya - I found your blog through Sonya's. I love your cake picture - did you make that??? I love Bakerella and Tip Junkie too! Love those sites. Anyway love that you blog - keep in touch

Marilyn said...

Amen to that sister!!!! I think Ray is chuckling as you all are cussing...He got everyone to help with the basement and to start going through his things....he was always a trickster!!

I keep telling Steve the same thing...only all of his things are big and heavy (mostly equipment from his shop and building materials). He says, "Just call in the auctioneer!"...I think I can hear the cussing NOW!!! (That will be something, since I have never heard Jess swear.)