Saturday, February 20, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday Phoenix

February 13th, 2016 Phoenix turned a year old.  Where does the time go? This past year has been such a blur.  Phoenix is darling, white hair just like his mom and dad had when they were his age.  He makes all the funny faces Kaitlyn used to make; he says mom, dad, papa, bon bon, coco, hi, bye bye, tree, dog,  he points and jabbers.  I'm not quite sure of his language but I'm pretty sure he is saying how crazy we all are.  I have always loved being a mother, I've always thought nothing in the world could ever compare to being a parent; how wrong I was.  Being a grandmother is exhilarating, my perspective is so different, these children can do no wrong.
Kaitlyn planned such a fun and cute birthday party.  Thanks to Mysti and Timmy Brown for allowing us to hold the party in their backyard.  Kaitlyn and Brian live 2 doors down and Mysti has been an incredible friend, neighbor and fill in mom for me as I've wandered this past year.  I will forever be grateful for friends like her.


curtis03 Lewis said...

How cute he is!! His first birthday was truly rocking. We also celebrated our son’s 6th birthday a few days back at one of outdoor event venues in Los Angeles. He asked for star wars party and had a great time in party planning. He really loved decorations!!

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