Thursday, February 25, 2016

I Can't Stop Smiling

I have to say yesterday and today have been the BEST DAYS I have had in a very long time....can you see me happy right now? you should picture me dancing throughout my house with the biggest happiest smile on my face...why you ask? Well let me tell you....last night I was working on my blog post while Eric was Home Teaching, he came barrelling into the house exuberantly yelling "Monya, Monya, guess who Brother Powell just talked to?" I'm thinking, WOW he is really excited who could it be SANTA maybe? "I have no idea" before I could even finish the sentence Eric out of breath says "BLAKE !!!" "SHUT UP?" was all I could say....Blake got transferred from the MTC yesterday and out to Santiago, to start his life in the field. The man who picked him up and transferred him to his new home is Brother Powells brother, for those of you who don't know Khyl Powell he is in our ward, for those of you who are not LDS basically he goes to church with Eric and I and we are friends with he and his wife. When he picked up Blake he asked where he was from and when Blake told him Gilbert Arizona, he dialed a phone number on his cell phone handed it to Blake and told him to talk..... this is music to my ears, my son is happy and alive and said "make sure you tell my mom and dad I LOVE THEM" I slept good last night, in Blakes bed..... oh I love that boy!!!
Ok so today, I was minding my own business driving down the road a phone call comes on my cell from area code (703) .... whoa I know what all of you are thinking "do I answer it or not?" you know most of you wouldn't, because I never do unless I know who it is.... boy am I glad I did this is the conversation:
Me: Hello
HIM: Hello may I speak with Sister Williams
Me: this is her
HIM: this is Elder Rolf, I served with your son in the MTC
ME: Which MTC, Provo or DR?
Elder Rolf: Both
ME: Where are you now?
Elder: I am home now, your son is the reason I came home....
ME: Uh..... Ok.....
Elder: Don't worry he didn't do anything wrong, in fact just the opposite, he is the most amazing missionary I have ever met...I came home because I knew if I ever wanted to be an effective missionary like your son I needed to take care of a few things then head back out. I sat up with Elder Williams one night all night long he talked to me about things, he bore his testimony to me about the ATonement,the next day I went to see the President and now I am home and will be going back to the DR in January.
ME: I am so glad to hear that, I know you will be blessed for your faithfullness.
Elder: Do you have some time right now that I can tell you about your son?
ME: are you kidding me right now? I will stay on the phone all night long if I get to hear about how he is to me...tell me about my missionary
Elder: (laughing) ok, well all the missionaries love him so much, and the leaders look up to him and he is well respected. He gave a devotional one morning, and there was not a dry eye his teaching is very effective.
ME: What did he talk about in his devotional?
Elder: He talked about his family, the love of his family...(ok now I am choking up)
he talked about his sisters, and he told us that you have cancer, how are you feeling? He prayed for you everyday and said that he has complete faith that you will be healed. After his devotional, he said that 3 other missionaries came up and said that their mothers had cancer also.
Me: OH Elder Rolf, you have no idea what this means to me, my heart is so full thank you so much for calling me ...
Elder: I waited to call because I was not sure how you were feeling, but tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I thought you would enjoy this information and it would give you something to be grateful for. Elder Williams told me that you call missionaries moms all the time and that you deserved for someone to call you at least once during his mission.
ME: Well, I do love to contact missionaries mothers and give them updates when I meet random missionaries in Mexico I get their home phone numbers and call moms, I love how happy it makes them feel, now I know how that feels. you are awesome and I know you will be a great missionary, please keep in contact with us.
Elder: I will and please tell Elder Williams I called you, I pray for you to get better and I know you will because your son KNOWS you will.
Me: Thanks again goodbye
Elder: goodbye
Seriously ???? I am on cloud 9 right now, and to top it off when I got home tonight, opened up my emails and 3 emails from none other than Elder Williams, his P-Day has changed to Wednesday..... he loves his mission !!!!
I'm not sure why the Lord loves me so much, but I am being blessed far more than I ever imagined I could be. These 2 days I will keep close to my heart and next week when I am enduring chemo again I will read this blog over and over again trying to re-live the joy I am feeling right now.


Tracey said...

Today was a "PAY DAY" for you! The Lord is merciful. I am so happy for you ~ you deserve to hear what you did today. I am sure Blake will bless many, many more lives, while he is serving the Lord. Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Oh Monya, I am so very happy for you! What a blessing. Happy Thanksgiving to my dear friend. Please know how thankful I am for you, your courage and your example!

Kristi & Austin said...

WHAT A Day~~~ And what a sweet missionary to call and tell you all those sweet things.... I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving, I am thankful for your example and your testimony. Love ya!

Shannon said...

That is so awesome. I'm already missing Brandon knowing that he will be leaving in about 10 months, so I can't imagine what it would be like to not see your boy. Blake is an wonderful young man. Feel free to forward his emails and I can share them with teh kids. Have a wonderful day today.

Wendi said...

I am so happy for you that after having such painful hours you were able to have this wonderful experience and find such JOY!!! Life is great, so keep on living....

stacie and geoffrey... said...

Go BLAKE! What are the odds you get a call like that after our lengthy convo about it earlier that day!? We're so excited for Blake. Tell him hello for us!

Nichole said...

What a great day! I am so glad you got that phone call. You should be on cloud nine. Your sweet son is helping you get through your trial. What a blessing!

Yeager Lovin said...

Monya! That is seriously the sweetest thing ever! I would love ever so much to have one of my future sons mission companions contact me and tell me all of those beautiful about MY elder! How special are you!?
I am glad to see you in such high spirits! It was fun running into at Sweet Cakes the other week! You asked me to drop a note sometime, and I said I would! Keep pushing strong, you are doing so awesome and I am so proud of you!!!!