Thursday, February 25, 2016

On The Coast of Somewhere Beautiful

Eric and I are in Mexico, it is beautiful. We took a long walk on the beach last night. On the way back we ran into some guys trying to sell Eric something.....I say Eric instead of "Us" because I don't buy anything from people in Mexico, but he loves to play games with them like "heads or tails" if it lands on heads he gets it for "his" price if on tails he will pay them what they want and any of you who know Eric knows it has to be the best out of 3. This guy wanted to sell eric a shadow box for $65 and he was not willing to take the risk that he would lose so he laughed at them and carried on some silly conversation about life in Mexico and I continued up to the condo, I turned around as I got to the condo to watch him for a second and I decided that I really do love this silly guy..... he loves to go to Mexico. I really enjoy our time together, we have great laughs and like to think ahead of what our life will be like when all the kids are gone. Ok and yes I am so happy that he did not buy that shadow box, we would of had to hand it in the condo somewhere and it was ugly. Life is good and I love our Journey


Marilyn said...

Life without is good! And they do visit frequently...which is good, but there are those basics as to why we married these guys in the first place and it is fun to rediscover them...and it does happen...and it is wonderful. You two have a great you , mm
P.S. We have and we do...everyday!

The Roussel's said...

haha i love you and dad you're the best!!!

Jen Frost said...

Love your blog. I sure wish I had just got back from Mexico. ;-)