Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving in the Dominican Republic


Thanksgiving with the Zone

Thanksgiving Feast

That is disgusting son

Gettin' the Turkey's ready

Blake and Shelley

Hand in mouth

Flippin the french toast

French Toast for Breakfast

Popcorn and Papaya Juice (the best juice in the world)

Carolina FHE

Well this week has been pretty good besides the fact that we didnt have any investigadores at church but it was good Hermano Santana went to church he is a stud i love that guy so much he was telling us how he wants only the best for his family and especially for his son Junior who also is lessactive he told him that he wants him to come back to church and wants him to blessed i felt soo happy he is awsome, i ordered this picture of the Temple in Santo Domingo and i am going to try and frame it and and give ot to them for Christmas cuz i would love to see them get sealed as a family and go to the temple so they can really enjoy all the blessings the Lord has waiting for them............we have this one investigator that is a segurity gaurd and said that after we had an appointment with him all of his problems were sold and that he really believes tthat he needs to follow this path in his life he said to us Adios Jahova Witnesses, Adios Catolicos, Adios whatever religion isnt the mormons. cuz I AM GOING WITH THE MORMONS haha (adios means Bye) haha but it was really cool and awsome i really hope that he is willing to change and to start going to church everyweek, he has only gone one time but we will see this week how it goes....
but as for thanksgiving it was awsome we took our PDAY today on Thanksgiving so that our whole zone (28missionaries) could do a huge feast and cook, it was awsoome all the sister misisonaries cooked well a few of us helped but they did about everything and it was as if i was in my backyard with all of my family but MOM cooks a lot better the only thing that we didnt have was pies and yams but it was actually really really good and cant wait to eat some more of it cuz there was a lot of leftovers and since we live the closest to the chapel we got to bring all of the food to our house haha


Willi Nixon said...

Haha Blake... I love the hand in mouth picture. I'm so happy he's loving it there :)

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