Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blake in the DR

All the Elders helping out

Mormon Hands that Help

Blake and Daniel his companion

This weeks email from Blake he sent these pictures of the Mormon Hands that Help project clean up.

well this week has been really wet and we have been arriving at the house and houses of members soaking wet as if we jumped in a swimming pool ha but we have been trying hard, i finished the Book of Mormon (en spanish) this week and wow i have learned so much from that book and i really have been able to understand the things that i need to change in my life, but i started to read Doctrine and Covanents this last monday and now i am in seccion 21 i need to finish to seccion 30 by sunday, but the area is progressing a little by little the investigators we have are sweet but no one wants to assist the church on sundays so its hard they are really smart and we are really trying all that we can to help them understand and learn..........but this week it should be a lot better they say that its ot going to rain as much this week but who knows, we met the family of a baseball player Luis Pelonia, or where he lives its nuts hes got a Lion, yea a real lion in his house its soo crazy haha theres another one that lives right by us named Carlos Pena his house is sweet hes got a little basebal field at his house and like 15 cars of every kind haha.........but this week is going to be a lot more successful cuz there wont me as much rain and bad weather, i love you guys i will talk to you later

les quiero muchoo


lorie said...

Monya! That's my nephew Alden Funk with Blake in the second photo. Wow! I'm excited they are serving together. Missed you at the Mindy Gledhill concert. I was a ways back but I could see your cute hair, just couldn't get to ya!