Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The SCAR Project

This morning as I looked at my body in mirror, a tear ran down my cheek, I know I have said it before but I am so grateful,
Dr.Peter Kreymerman is the best doctor in the world, my breasts look normal, yes there are scars but those scars represent so much more than a scalpel to the skin. They represent my battle wounds, I have said so many times in posts that I don't ever want to forget, those scars will never allow me to forget.
It made me think about the words to Mindy Gledhhill's song "All About Your Heart" ... this is what I imagine Heavenly Father will say to me and to others who have physical scars from life's wounds....

"I've loved you from the start
in every single way, and more each passing day.
You are brighter than the stars, believe me when I say
it's not about your scars, it's all about your heart"

I believe that our Heavenly Father sees us so differently then we see ourselves, and if we could see ourselves through his eyes we would weep and be humbled at his UN-conditional love for us.

I hope this will not offend anyone, I will warn you if you click on the link it is GRAPHIC, but it is a real artists talent at showing the beauty of women who go through breast cancer. I did some research on the Artist he only photographs women who are ages 18-35. All of the women have had either a lumpectomy, single or double mastectomy.
click on the link below and it will take you to the website.

click here to view the SCAR PROJECT


Stephanie and Cody Sunderhaus said...

That is an amazing post and those pictures are amazing. I was coming on here to let you know since you were new to me I wanted to give you $20 to spend with me. You can do brow and lip wax, or brow and lash tinting, or mix them all up... or use it towards a massage! Whether you just want to do 20 mins or more. Let me know and I'll talk to you soon! :)

Jen Frost said...

In one word "WoW". Offended, no way, humbled and grateful are what I'm feeling. Thanks for sharing. You are an amazing woman, I have always loved and admired you!

Marilyn said...

I have not experienced it first hand...but I have walked the path with those who have...I have seen there bodies before and after and I have never doubted their beauty.....their bravery....and their courage...but most of all their beauty. They remained beautiful and even became more so...because they had a patina, a wisdom, a confidence that can't be had any other way. Yes, they were warriors....and none of them were ashamed!

Braydon, Erica, and baby Sawyer said...

What a great post. I feel so thankful that we have great doctors. My Grandmother had cancer for 25 years and she had many GREAT doctors. I am so glad that you have such a special relationship with your doctor. I am glad he takes such great care of my friends mom. I don't hardly know you, but I feel like the same time I do. Your daughter is such a great person and I feel inclined to thank you for the sweet person you've created. MOthers are marvelous creations. Kaitlyn is always so kind and outspoken, funny and always concerned about others. It's not remotely the same, but this post has made me think about myself a little bit Sawyer, my son almost died during delivery thankfully we had an intune nurse and on call doctor and made it, but I have horrible stretch marks (silly to even worry about) but this post made realize that who cares and they almost seem beautiful now because I have him. Thank you for always putting thing into perspective for me. oh and i'm so sad kaitlyn is moving, but sooo happy that you guys get to spend much much more time together.