Friday, November 19, 2010


Several times in the past month I have dreamed of Heaven, and in Heaven I am with Eric's mom Viola. I have been hesitating blogging about this because it's special to me, so I will journal as much as I feel comfortable sharing. I loved Vi, she was and is the most compassionate woman I have ever met. I really hate that my kids did not get to meet her or have her in their earthly lives. I have told them stories about her but it's just not the same. I loved her with all my heart, and told Eric just today how much I miss her, she passed away 25 years ago of breast cancer.


Heaven is beautiful, when I pass through the veil from earth to heaven, Vi is standing there with her arms open (like always) ready to hug me. Her eyes are piercing, a blue that I will never forget, she's perfect in every way, her cheeks are rosy, she is wearing all white with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. Our embrace is soft and tender. I'm not quite sure if its this place that is so beautiful, or if it's the peaceful feeling I feel that is beautiful. I can't describe it. We sat under a tree, she asked me about Eric, if he was progressing in his life. The entire time she is smiling (I always loved her big smile) she takes my hands and looks at them, really stares at them then with tears in her eyes she looks at me and says "these are the hands that protected, hugged and watched over my grandchildren, these are the hands that comforted my son, and these are the hands that have served others" EricI wakes me... oh that made me mad, I wanted to sit with her forever it was so real. I quickly record everything so I will not forget. Within the next week I have the exact same dream only it takes me a little further on the heavenly journey.

Vi, tells me how much she loves me and how grateful she is that I married her son. She asks me about each one of my children. We laughed as I share experiences with her from the life of each one of my children. I remember telling her that motherhood is the best and most rewarding earthly experience I have ever had, I love being a mom. I tell her how Kayla has her smile, Blake has her incredible love for the outdoors, Kaitlyn has her spunk and laughter, and Haleigh has her heart. She and I walk and talk for what seems like hours, the things she shares with me are sacred and I have them recorded in another journal, but the feelings were incredible.... I wake up and again a few weeks later I have another dream

this time we are standing in a huge garden, the most beautiful garden I have ever seen, the greenery is stunning. She walks through the garden showing me everything as if this is her job here in Heaven to over see the garden. I am looking everywhere for Ray (Eric's dad) I want to get a hug from him too, but he is not anywhere to be found. She then explains to me that this will be our last meeting, I get tears in my eyes I don't want this to end. She asks me if I have done all I can do on earth to be the best I can be, have I forgiven those who have hurt me, have I served others enough, and the the question that stuck with me the most was do I unconditionally love everyone I cone in contact with? I don't remember answering her, but I do remember her saying "your time on earth is not yet finished" we hugged the best hug ever I said " I Love You" then I was awake.

I'm not sure if this is truly what Heaven will be like but I do know that the feeling of peace and serenity I felt there were incomparable to anything I have ever experienced here on earth. Having those feelings really made me not want to be anywhere else but there. I miss Vi so much, when I think about the example she was to her children it makes me so grateful to be a part of her family, her eternal family. I wanted so badly to talk to her about Breast Cancer ....but I guess it was not what I was there for, and in the whole eternal scheme of things I think that subject was not appropriate. It was so nice to see her in NO PAIN and in perfect form. I realize that this was just a dream but it felt so real and for those moments when I too had no pain and no worries it was HEAVENLY.


Anonymous said...

I love love love this. I remember over 20 years ago how much you would talk about Eric's mom. At that time she hadn't been gone very long. She is as lucky to have you as you are her. Monya, I always thought Blake looked like you... He looks like Viola! The second I looked at that pic, I saw Blake in her! Do you think so?
What a gift to be able to spend that time with her, even in a dream. A tender mercy as you like to call it.
Love you.

Anonymous said...

WOW Monya! I too go home to my grandparents house and in my dream I remember every nick nack and every chrocheted (sp) pillow. In my dream I remember every nuiance. I love that our loved ones live on and I do think this is the Lords way of keeping families close, even after they are gone. These are my Moms parents and their home I dream of. Your dream was very unique and special I can see as to why you would want to reserve some of it for yourself and for your family and for your Eric! Thanks for sharing it! I loved it!

Kjohnson said...

Monya thank you for sharing this sacred experience. I admire you for your honesty and that is so special. I am so touched. Thanks, I really needed this today!

Tracey said...

Thank you for sharing... what an amazing dream!

Anonymous said...

Monya, This wasn't a dream, it was a gift! How wonderful for us that you were able to share it.

Robin in Ok