Tuesday, November 9, 2010


In this month of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for these random things that come into my head ... ha ha

●cooler weather●green grass●blue skies●
●hugs from recker● emails from the DR●people who smile●
●mysti●clean fresh sheets●cute boots●open roads from utah to arizona●
●december 18th●haleigh●my body●hair●cute notes left on my bedroom door●
●grapefruit●AJ'S refillable cup●choices●good VT'S●LOVE●
●Dr Kreymerman●Heather Lucas his assistant●
●medicne that works●pumpkin pie●ERIC●doorbell ditchers who leave yummy stuff●testimony●kayla and Jeremy●music●
●people that inspire me●Blake●good books●google searches● cinnamon smells●answered prayers●warm fuzzier●Kaitlyn and Brian●Haleigh
●laughter●mayo clinic●tamy scheurn●mickey mouse●organic apple slices●going the extra mile●christmas movies●THANKSGIVING●

try to think in 2 minutes or less all the things you are thankful for.....I'm sure I forgot a few, and some of these are random huh?


Trys said...

BIG TEARS! I'm thankful to God for putting YOU in MY path of life! :)

tamy scheurn said...

BTW... I am SO THANKFUL for my PRECIOUS Bon Bon! Love you sweet girl! Never forget when I count my blessings I do not just count you twice I count you as a Eternal blessing! I LOVE YOU!!!!