Monday, November 29, 2010

Mayo Monday🚩

Today when I arrived at the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale Campus, I realized it has been a few months since I have been at this campus. I walked in to hear Anne Monte, an elderly woman playing the piano. It reminded me of a year ago, Tamy and I were at the Mayo for a chemo appointment and Anne Monte was playing the piano, a familiar tune to Tamy so she and I walked up and said hi to her and Tamy sang along with the music. Today I watched her play the piano so beautifully as I waited for the nurse to call my name. I watched Anne as someone came and lifted her into a wheelchair, she smiled and said Hi to me as she passed. What a cute woman, and how wonderful  she volunteers to cheer people up with her music. Another one of those Angels !!

I'm ready for my 2nd appointment, I notice I have labs and want to get the numbing cream on my PORT and mentally prepare myself for stepping off of the elevator onto the 3rd floor, breast clinic, and chemo lab. I don't want to smell it today, I don't want to see the people waiting, and I don't want to sit in those all too familiar reclining chairs---WAIT looking at my itinerary I see that they have scheduled me for labs on the lower level, I have never been there before. I go check it out, I step off the smell, lots of people, and they called me back quickly with no reclining chairs, this time the blood is coming out of my arm instead of my PORT?? The lady had to stick me several times to get a good vein, I was upset because I know my veins are iffy .... this is why I have a PORT, so I won't have to get my veins collapsed. When I left there I felt as if I had been given a tender mercy though, I didn't have to go to the 3rd floor at all today. My last appointment was on the concourse level.... yay no anxiety today, no smells, no anxiety, no smells, no anxiety do you see me dancing? I'm doing the dance right now, arms in the air, smile on the face. Thanks to my sweet Angel Trys for calling and walking me through part of Mayo today. I Love You.


tamy scheurn said...

I do reconize those "Hands"! Anne Monte! Love her! Again it is not about... waiting for the storm to pass,, it is about learning to dance in the rain! AND you have danced so beautifully! It is wonderful to be able to find the blessings through your journey! Anne was and is a blessing to many even in her journey! This last year will forever be imprinted in my heart! I can hear Anne play "Blue Spanish Eyes" as I type! Love you Bon Bon!