Thursday, November 18, 2010

Even With No Hair

Even with no hair, he loved me ♥

This was my hair just a few months before diagnosis

A year ago this week I started my 1st round of chemo therapy. I don't look back on that with fondness, but I am so grateful for the people in my life who love me and helped me through it. It's amazing what one year can do, the top picture was taken in December last year, and now I have some hair, in fact I have enough hair to shampoo .... I even have enough hair to blow in the wind, and now Recker can pull my hair, never thought I would be grateful for that.


Daryl, Natalie and Sadie said...

Although your long blonde hair was beautiful, I can honestly say that you are one of the few women that can pull off a bald head and still look beautiful and NOT like you are going through chemo, beautiful inside and out, your positive attitude im sure gives you the glow you have around you in all the pictures throughout your blog.

m.estelle said...

it's crazy how fast a year goes by. i'm sure that it was different for you....but i just look at my dad now (almost two years later?!) and i think..."wow. he's doing it. cancer came and cancer went and he is strong and hilarious and good."

wow monya, you're doing it. you are strong and lovely and good.
still praying for you.

lorie said...

You pulled it off quite nicely, my friend.