Saturday, November 13, 2010

Be Nice

I'm obsessed with people and their reactions in certain situations...... I know I'm weird ....... I've said it before I'm a people watcher, some may even put me in the category of stalker, I have always wondered what makes people do the things they do. Today I was driving to meet up with my daughter, I was sitting at a light and looking in my rear view mirror when the light changed and it took me a few seconds to get going the lady in the car behind me threw her hands up in the air, she was so upset that I had wasted those precious seconds of her life, then when she hurried around me she waved her middle finger at me and yelled something out the window.... I just smiled and continued on my way. I understand when life's challenges get us down or when we have a bad day, but seriously is it necessary to treat others with anger? It's not pretty, it's actually very ugly to see. Tonight I was at the grocery store checking out and I noticed the woman behind me was upset because she did not have a bar to divide my items from hers, I just watched her as she stewed and worried about it, after all my groceries were added up I swiped my card, and the lady yelled and I mean yelled at the teller helping me "hey" pointing to one of my items that accidentally got mingled in with hers "that is not mine, that is hers" I could tell the young guy was embarrassed, I told him "no big deal I will just pay cash for it" and he smiled and said "thanks, and I'm sorry that happened" when he gave me my change back I was trying to put it in my wallet and the lady was pushing her cart against my backside, trying to get me to move faster. Seriously? Can't we all just be nice? I love people watching, and I learn from others what I don't want to be like.