Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More ♥ from the DR

It's Wednesday .... the day I live for .... the day my missionary son writes home ....... he is doing fantastic, he loves his area and the people, and the ward. I love him so much, I am blessed

Elder Williams and his companion

Familia Santana

Eating Tacos

Junior, Mami, and Carolina

That is disgusting

I hope you have some anti-bacterial soap


Elder Williams loves burgers this is the "American Burger" it has egg, ham, bacon, meat, and hot sauce

well this week has been really really wet with the hurricane and everything its been so hard to have the desire to leave when its pouring rain out, or when we leave the house and the uns out then like 10 minutes later it is pouring down rain and windy soo hard or when its raining but the suns out and you look up and theres no clouds really its starting to trip me out here but its sweet here, the ward still is awsome as usual i loe these people i really have had thought about moving back here and studying haha i dont know if its really that swet or if its that i have been here to long no honestly its awsome here.......but wow this wek while we actually got let in to this house we contacted thatsthe 2nd house in more than 550 and like 4 months that someone has let us in it was really weird i was all akward about it like are you serious you just said we can come in haha i was kinda shocked but stoaked at the same time cuz we were able to talk to her and get to know her and her family and its cool cuz she knows a few members and is friends with the wife of the bishop so its awsome im really hoping she continues to listen to us, she speaks and teaches english too so its sweet.....but last night was awsome we did a Family Home Evening with this Family (the coolest family) and we based it on The Another Testament of Jesus Christ it was sweet cuz i let the girl (carolina) borrow the book to prepare for it and to help her imagine 3rd book of Nefi as we were reading it (thats the member thats helping me study the BOM) so she was able to see what was happening while she read 3Nefi then she did the Family home Evening and talked about this and it was such a cool expierience cuz we got to watch the DVD and some of the parts where Christ is teaching the people and healing the kids it was soo awsome it really helped the dad i think cuz he is less active so i am trying to help work with him get back to church the daughters of this family really want this for him they really want that their family is sealed in the temple she told me this week that she is scared that she will die without her family being sealed this is something that she really wants for her family and i have never seen someone really have that strong of a desire the happiness of their family........i gave this family the Another Testaments of Christ book and DVD so they can watch and study it together i lovethis family and this ward here i really want to help them become strong in the church this example that i have seen from these girls has really helped me think of WHERE I AM IN MY LIFE and what are my real desires and yea.....but i have like 10 months left in the mission trhat means i have 10 months to prepare myself for the normal world i have alot of things i want to learn and change but thats why we have two years here

les quiero mucho