Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Doctor Peter Kreymerman is the BEST🚩

from left to right ♥ Dr. George Lawson ♥ The beautiful Heather Lucas ♥ ME and ♥Dr. PK♥ are they cute or what?

Boy going to the Mayo is an all day adventure, I had 3 appointments today. I hated going into the infusion wing today. the smell disgusts me, but I was very proud of myself I did not have a panic attack today. When I walked in there were 4 people getting infusions, chemo or something else it made me sad to see them there with no-one but nurses, I remember when I 1st met Dr. Northfelt he told me how lucky I was to have Tamy go with me to my chemo appointments. It made me want to go up to each one of those people today and hug them or sit with them, my heart broke watching each of them. I am so grateful to Tamy for not only being so sweet and patient with me but I still can't believe the time that she took out of her day every other week for months to pick me up and drive me to chemo, I have to say we usually had all the nurses laughing though, never a dull moment with Tamy.

OK so I got to see my favorite doctor of all time today, Dr. Peter Kreymerman.... I love him....but before I talk about him I want to introduce you to Dr. George Lawson (aka Doogie Houser) I blogged last week about going to see Dr. PK but I did not post it and kept it as a draft for my personal journal. The reason is because Dr. Kreymerman and his wife had their baby and I didn't know if he would appreciate me posting pictures of his new baby with her name birthday and weight. I will say she is one of the most beautiful baby girls I have EVER seen. So this is what happened, last week I was sitting for a lot longer than usual waiting for Dr. PK to come in, but instead this other cute Doctor walked in, he looked like he was 12 years old, he introduced himself as
Dr. Lawson, and explained about the baby being born and Dr. Pk was not in the office, then he wanted to examine me .... remember I am thinking this kid can't be more than 12 years old well maybe 21, and he wants to look at my boobs? He was actually very professional and I liked him, just weird not having PK there.

So today, I'm waiting for Doctor Kreymerman to come in... the door opens and it's Doogie Houser again, he is really cute, I got brave and finally asked him how old he was... all I will say is that he is not 12 or 21. I love all these young doctors who take time with their patients, I know if I needed to talk to Doctor Kreymerman I could take the time I needed and he would never make me feel rushed, this is part of what makes him such a great Doctor I hope he never changes that part of who he is. I can tell that Doctor George Lawson is going to be a great doctor too, how could he not working with Dr. Peter Kreymerman?

Doctor Kreymerman came in to visit and examine me ..... no doctor that I have ever had in my lifetime is like Dr. Kreymerman. I am going to miss him when he leaves for his fellowship in Atlanta, and when I am no longer his patient. He is a daddy now, and just as any proud daddy should he pulled out the pictures, oh my gosh I couldn't stop looking at her she is absolutely beautiful, so is his wife though. Not that PK isn't cute and all but his wife and baby are gorgeous, he is a very lucky man, and I love that he acknowledges the beauty of his wife and daughter.

I will be having another surgery on Dec 9th, I love my dates with Dr. Peter Kreymerman have I told you that he is my favorite doctor? ha ha And today he went even higher on my list of awesomeness..... he told me I could take the BRA off .... just another reason to love a doctor that tells you "you don't ever need to wear a BRA again" you gotta love that


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