Sunday, November 7, 2010

Recker's 1st Hair Cut

1st mom tries her hand at cutting hair

then dad

seriously ? both of you ?

Help me bonbon ..... PLEASE

Ok that's enough, both of you get off me

The pile of curls

My cute little grandson Recker got his 1st haircut tonight, I wanted to cry when they cut off his blonde curls.


The Roussels said...

you forgot to mention that those curls were a MULLET and HAD to be cut off so his hair can grow back evenly all thogether! i looooved his curls hopefully his hair grows back curly again!

Beth and John Schaub said...

I LOVE the 5th picture where he is pushing their hands away. I know what Kayla is saying about a mullet. Kaydence had a rat tail for the longest time that would curl out and we had to cut it so it would grow back evenly. She needs her hair cut again because the sides grow faster that the rest of her hair and she gets these wing looking things going on. Too cute, bet Recker is glad it is over!

kittrean tanner said...

Yes!!! I kept Noah AND Chloe's hair shaved!!! And, they have gorgeous hair will all come back better than ever! Just like his cute nanna's! xoxoxo (yes, I am. I love you!)