Sunday, October 24, 2010

Visit with Dr.Kreymerman Kaitlyn & Brian Visit

I saw Dr. Peter Kreymerman on Friday, he said everything looks good, I still cannot pick up Recker until I see PK again in a couple of weeks. I am getting my strength back, and I am not depressed anymore whoo hoo, jump up and shout, do a little dance for me. It really helped me to be able to get out of the house and to spend some time with my girls this weekend. Kaitlyn and Brian are in town so I got to spend it with ALL the family. I seriously have the hardest time seeing my grandson and not being able to pick him up, and I'm not sure he understands why his BONBON is being so mean and not picking him up. ☹

Have I mentioned how much I love my son-in-laws ? Both of them are incredible. Jeremy is such a good husband and father and really works hard at school and work...Eric and I love him for his sensitivity and compassion too.

Brian, is extremely talented in sports, everything he does he does perfect. Last night he had a snowboarding competition at SKI PRO in Mesa and took 3rd place, plus got 1st place for best trick. I thought he should of gotten at least 2nd place he was much better than the guy who won 2nd, but still we are so proud of him, he too goes to school full time and works full time, at this time in their lives it is busy, we wish we could see them more it helps me working for USAIR so they can fly back and forth.

It;s Sunday and I have not been feeling good today, the head aches are back, Mr. HOTFLASH was in charge today, and my hips hurt like HELL---sorry if I offend anyone with that last one but it is what it is.


lorie said...

That is one big $50 check!