Monday, October 11, 2010

Surgery Cancelled

I've had horrible anxiety and a migraine that won't go away since Friday when I met with Dr. Kreymerman.... not because of him everyone who knows me, knows I am totally confident in him, and that I think he can do no wrong. I can't quite put my finger on it, maybe I am worried about the recovery, maybe I'm afraid of the possible side effects who knows all I know is it's really worrying me. This was my time line today:

7:30 am wake up with anxiety and figure out a way to get my mind to Paris on a bike in the woods

8:30 Recker and Kayla come over....ahh I get to play with my favorite guy in the world

9:30 clean out the freezer.... it's been awhile

10:30 clean up Recker mess, he got into a bag of flour and spread it all over the kitchen, and I loved watching every second of it

11:30 phone call from Mayo Hospital confirming my surgery tomorrow, and getting all my important info hang up and go to my head....again

12:30 lunch and watch Recker take a nap...there is nothing like watching a baby sleep

2:30 Phone call from Michelle at Dr. Kreymerman's office, "please be at the hospital at 5:30 am, nothing to eat or drink after midnight, if no-one is at the check in desk then proceed up to the 2nd floor and check in"

3:45 someone else from Dr. Kreymerman's office calls to tell me they made a mistake with my insurance .
."we are so sorry, but we entered your information wrong, as a 42 year old medicare patient, the insurance company declined it then when we called them back we were on hold forever, then disconnected and now their office is closed".

Me: "no problem, people make mistakes I understand, now what do we do?"
Office: "we will try and get them to approve by tomorrow then call you back to re-schedule"

4:00 anxiety attack.....going to Paris....WOW 3 times in Paris today, how lucky am I?

4:30 Dr. Kreymerman calls me "hello this is Peter Kreymerman, Dr. Kreymerman.... I am sorry for what has happened, I know this messes up your schedule especially when you plan for it" we talked for a few minutes about what happened and my anxiety problems. He is so sweet and kind, and made me feel a little better about my surgery. He also said his wife loved the baby things I made them, and said thank you again.

Dr. Kreymerman said he was not sure that Mayo would be able to get this taken care of my tomorrow, but if they are someone will call me and perhaps surgery will take place on Thursday, if not then as soon as they get this straightened out we will schedule another date for surgery.

So my surgery has been cancelled for tomorrow, but I am grateful for a doctor who took the time to call me and calm my nerves just a little.


Loretta Valenta said...

Whenever it is that you end up having your surgery scheduled for I hope that all goes well. Breath deep and always remember to look up. :)

Nichole said...

I know that feeling when something is hanging over your head. It will be nice for you to get it over and done! Good Luck!!! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Maybe today wasn't the right day for you for whatever reason. This is probably a blessing in disguise. So INSTEAD have yourself a wonderful day!! xoxo

Jen your email. :)