Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I ♥ the Rain

I have things to be grateful for today..... the weather I ♥ it. I was lying on the sofa this afternoon with my favorite little guy, just watching him sleep makes me so happy.... he truly is the best therapy I have ever had..... ok back to the weather... the thunder woke him up and he sat straight up with the cutest look on his face like "what the....heck was that?" I picked him up opened up the back door and together we watched the rain fall hard in my backyard. Watching the look on his face was priceless, I wish I would of had a camera available, I will always have that memory in my head. Recker is such a happy baby and finds such joy in little things... like rain, thunder and lightening, I will take that moment with me to the hospital next week, and I always have Paris.

Tonight as I was emailing Blake, it started to hail hard, Eric ran down the stairs like a little boy on Christmas morning. He opened up the back door and I got to enjoy his delight as he watched the hail fill up our backyard.He started throwing the Hail at me, He was so happy, just like Recker was today, I think there is something for me to learn here.... maybe just be happy for the little things in life, and for me in Gilbert Arizona when the 1st rain comes in and cools it off .....well for me it is the beginning of long sleeves, boots, and good weather for months to come. Thanks for the reminder, love and enjoy even the simplest things in life.


Anonymous said...

Ok, Does this make me a stalker if I already commented on your other blog today? ha.
This weather gives me the warm fuzzies BIG TIME!! Makes me so excited for the fall and winter and the holidays and all that goes with it. Enjoy this time of year my precious girl.


Angela Brian said...

one of the things is miss most of arizona is monsoon season.

warm warm rain. ah that would be nice.

i think its cute that both your boys get so excited over the little things!

glad your back to blogging, i missed reading your posts!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! My 22 year old living in Scottsdale had the same reaction as Recker! He was taking a 'power nap' lunch, and the rain and storm went crazy! He had to call me!! He said it was the craziest thing ever. Parker having lived there for over a year now and this being his first Monsoon expeirience, he wondered...'what the heck'!! I told him to enjoy and it does make it fun because they are so rare!! I was wishing I could see my sons face and share that same moment with him---but I did, by phone and he shared his excitement! INDEED enjoy the small things and enjoy that you get to share them together!!