Friday, October 15, 2010

♥ from Mayo Hospital

Blogging from my Hospital room sending lots of hugs and was successful and I will hopefully be able to go home today or tomorrow. I will blog more about my date with Dr. Kreymerman later when I am not loopy, who knows what I'll say so for now .....xoxo


Nichole said...

So glad that the surgery went well and I hope you have a smooth recovery!!

Tracey said...

You look great for being in the hospital.. I am so glad to hear all went well! Take care.
Love, Tracey

Teri said...

Wow you look so good. Hope all went well with your surgery. We are all praying for your fast recovery. love you!

Michelle said...

I agree you look wonderful! I've been thinking about you all day. Glad you are feeling well!

Sandy B said...

Hottest looking patient I ever did see. Hope things went well.

Angela Brian said...


i am SO glad to hear surgery went well.

also, i can't believe how curly your hair is coming in.