Friday, October 29, 2010

Dr. Peter Kreymerman and the BRA

I've been sitting here thinking for over an hour now, why, why, why I seriously dislike bras. I'm trying to figure out if there is anything in comparison that a man could relate to...... Dr. Peter Kreymerman told me I had to wear a sports bra 24/7 forever.....well not really forever, just until he says not to. I want to say to him "how would you like to wear something that confines you 24/7 ?" There is nothing about bras that I like, except if I see woman like Haleigh and I saw today coming out of Costa Vida who seriously needed to be wearing one, it was so scary Haleigh and I both looked at each other in total disgust, yes, on those rare occasions I think a bra is necessary, however, I truly wish they would of never been created. To be honest with you I have not worn a bra in over a year, when I had the expansions there was no reason to wear one..... ahhh talk about FREEDOM...that was the only benefit of having the VILLAIN in my life and I loved it. HEAVEN ON EARTH IS BEING BRA FREE.

As a teenager, I remember learning that in the 1960's women were burning bras to become liberated, I always thought that was weird until now, I want to have a bra burning party.... anyone up for it? I will not be seeing Dr. Kreymerman for a couple of weeks and I plan on telling him my despise of the bra and that its time to get rid of it. To top it all off, my husband listened to everything Dr.PK told me to do and not to do, and he is on Dr. Kreymermans side, Eric is constantly telling me to make sure I am wearing that boob buster 24/7. This is how the conversation goes....

Me: "I'm not wearing that thing today"
Eric: "you heard what Dr. Kreymerman said"
Me: "are you going to make me do everything he says, word for word?"
Eric: "yes, he is your favorite Doctor for a reason, do what he says"
Me: "seriously? who's side are you on?"
Eric: as he's walking out the door "24/7. you know the rules, I love you"

If you've never had to wear a bra to sleep in, try it, yes I say try it tonight then let me know how you like it. I've been wearing a bra 24/7 (with the exception of showers) for 2 weeks now..... it is so uncomfortable and just for an added bonus the seams hit me right where my stitches are, so I'm constantly touching my boob or moving the bra,... pretty sure people are going to think I'm some kind of weirdo. I cannot wait to see Dr. Peter Kreymerman, the bra better be coming off.


Teri said...

Huh! I don't know what would be worse, 27 metal stapels in your butt or wearing a bra 24/7. I guess I'll take the staples because my three weeks of hell are over now. I hate wearing a bra by the end of the day it comes off. Hope you're doing good, Love ya! Teri

Anonymous said...

I hate bras, too.

I wear one only when absolutely necessary (such as a dr. appt). And, even then, I feel oppressed, suppressed, compressed, and depressed.

The "Fruit of the Loom" sport bras (3 for $10, in nice colors, at Walmart) are most tolerable - even for sleeping.

Hang in there . . . ;-)

TERRI said...

I hate hate hate bras also!! I ordered the Ahh bra (info commercial) thinking perhaps I might like it--it's one piece, no hooks etc. stretchy-- it mostly smashes you down--but I guess comfortable-- as bras go!

Marilyn said...

I hate bras too! The only redeeming factor is that I remember the pictures from National Geographic of the totally non bra wearing women.....and I don't want to tuck my upper half into the elastic of my lower I wear a bra....however...I have names for mine...the one I hate is the "torture chamber", the one that stands up by itself and is hot in the summer is called "that thing"....such as "I am not wearing that thing today"...then I have some old worn out ones that the wires have been pulled out and that are stretched out...and I call them, "Aahhhhhhh"...they do the job of holding me up...barely and keeping me from embarassing myself.....but I can't wait to take them off at night and get into my what's a girl to do???? Carla and Myrna both decided to not have reconstruction....and they both loved "living free"......!!!!
The one bonus of breast cancer for some....NO MORE BRAS!!!!

Material Girl said...

Check out the website for Soma Intimates. They have some bras that are suppose to be really comfortable. But the tight sports bra that you are having to wear now is meant to be tight, to keep the occurence of capsules forming early on. I know this because I had breast implants. After a few weeks your perky new breasts should look fabulous au-naturelle! My implants are gone now, so are the boobs and bras.

Anonymous said...

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