Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dear Cancer

I am on my way to the MAYO Hospital....I want to leave you with this challenge...write a letter to CANCER, really telll him what you think, everyone knows someone who has been effected, CANCER kills and hurts families. For every letter written and POSTED $50 will be donated to the American Cancer Society up to a maxium of $100,000.

Click here to get started


kayla Roussel said...

this was very theraputic seriously...i love this!

Braydon, Erica, and baby Sawyer said...

You are very inspirational! It's very addicting your courage, fire, passion, kindness, love, and just your humble nature. You are a beautiful soul and it's a privileged to read your blog. I get so lifted and edified and I hope that doesn't make you feel like i'm using your pain to gain some powerful lessons. YOu are an amazing women.