Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Surgery Changed to Thursday Oct. 14th

'the woman who actually made the mistake at Mayo Clinic coding my insurance company, called me today to give a formal apology the more I thought about it, I am grateful for her phone call today, sometimes it's difficult to say your sorry and admit you made a mistake, I told her that she was only human and we all make mistakes, but that I did not want Dr. Kreymerman bumping someone or changing some one's surgery time because of what has happened to me, that is not fair to those patients, and if they feel the anxiety that I do I would never want them to go through that, I just asked him to please add me on the end of a day when he can fit me in and I was told that day will be this Thursday....just not sure of the time yet, sometime in the afternoon.

I had a good friend put this into perspective for me, Heavenly Father has been in charge from the beginning of my journey and he still is, although the anxiety I have been feeling is not really getting easier there was a reason this happened the way that it did and I will be prepared on Thursday, I really am ready to say good- rid dens to the ex panders, you know the ones that have caused bruising on my grandsons head every time he bonks them with his head, totally ready to say good-bye to the tightening that I constantly feel, and the rock solid boobs have got to go , it;s time.

So tonight as I try to get some sleep, I thank my Heavenly Father for this day that I wouldn't of been able to spend with Haleigh but because of the cancellation I spent some quality time with her and Kayla and Recker. I thank HIM for my family who always shows me un-conditonal love, I love the feeling of truly surrendering to the LORD, and I know again he will be with me during my surgery and after. HIS love never seizes to amaze me, how could that love be enough to help everyone of HIS children? I love each one of my children but know that throughout their lives I will not be able to be there for them through everything, not like the LORD can, so I hope that my kiddos have also learned to rely on HIM too, to give it to HIM and let HIM carry you on the days your mama or anyone else can't....HE ALWAYS can and will carry you.

This is what happens when you have front loading washing machines.....ha ha Recker having fun


Loretta Valenta said...
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Loretta Valenta said...

So glad you are rescheduled and that the "change" brought you time with your family. There is always a positive although sometimes buried! I wish you well!
*I wish Blogger had a spell checker! LOL! That's why my first comment was deleted! :)