Sunday, October 17, 2010

Successful date in the OR with Dr. Kreymerman

I had a very successful date with Dr. Kreymerman on Thursday in his OR, and I just want to give an update. Tamy, Eric and I got to the Mayo Hospital around 1:00 pm. Floods of memories came back to me as I stepped on the elevator on to the 2nd floor waiting area. Although I don't remember this, Eric later told me I had a horrible panic attack in that waiting area, and today I was afraid of that happening again. The sitting and waiting is the hardest part for me, Tamy tried all her tactics on me, but I was not focused today and my mind was wondering, I paced and paced until they finally called me back. When Dr. Kreymerman came in to see me before surgery and to take out his purple marking pen, I was so happy to see him and felt like my fears kind of subsided. He has a way of making his patients feel comforted and secure, well he does for me anyway...... I am blessed to have such a greatly talented and compassionate doctor, I cannot imagine a better fit for my personality than Dr. PK.

The nurses were ready to wheel me back to the OR, 1st kisses and hugs from Eric, my favorite man of all time. He loves me and we've been through so much together, it's nice to know that through it all he's still here, he knows everything about me and still he loves me..... and Tamy, my dear friend Tamy has been with me through this all with no judgement only love .... thank you, thank you for your sweet smile and happy thoughts.

I had to spend the night and all next day in the hospital....seriously ???? I have a problem with my plumbing after surgeries, I cannot go PEE .... Dr. Kreymerman came over to visit with Eric and I, he's a funny guy, he loves his wife and is so excited for the new baby to come, there is a special spirit that comes into a family when you bring a a new baby home and I have a feeling the Kreymerman's are about to be blessed with that special someone.

Since coming home from the hospital I am still in pain, but the rocks that used to fill the holes where boobs were supposed to be are gone, they are soft now, I still have to wear that ugly post surgical bra 24 hours a day, you remember the one I blinged out last year? I was lucky enough to get a new one put on after this surgery....whoo hoo It's amazing the pain from the rocks is gone, the only pain I am feeling now is from the incisions where Dr. Peter Kreymerman did his magic. I have also been extrememly naustious the last couple of days I don't quite feel like doing a celebratory dance but soon, really soon who wants to come watch?


Loretta Valenta said...

YAY Monya! So glad you are home and doing well! :)

tamy scheurn said...

My Precious Girl! You are my Hero!!! I knew you would come through like a champ!!!! You did amazingly well for all you have been through! Your spirit as it always is a warrior! Hang in there!!! You have come so very far with such Grace! I LOVE YOU!!!!