Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dr. Peter Kreymerman-Last Appointment :(🚩

Heather Lucas, Me, Dr. Kreymerman
notice the JAMBA JUICE, I brought them in
for Heather and PK.  the office is not usuaally messed up
Today as I entered the Mayo building, I was a little sad knowing today would be my last appointment with Dr. Peter Kreymerman.  Most patients look forward to this day, but for me it's sad.  Dr. PK and Heather have become household names around here.
As I waited for Dr. Kreymerman and Heather to come in the room, I was in extreme pain, doubled over and my legs were shaking so badly, I felt like I was in labor, the uncontrollable labor and I was hoping they wouldn't walk in and see me like that, I tried so hard to get it under control but the more I tried to control it the worse it got.... the door opened and there they were staring at me, I was really embarrassed and was not sure how to react,  I got myself composed the best I could so PK could examine me, still I was in pain, but not quite as bad as when I was sitting and waiting.  All the work he did looks great.  Dr. Kreymerman and Heather sat and talked to me about my up-coming surgery, I teared up opening up to them about some of my past and the fears I have of having this hysterectomy. I told Dr. Kreymerman, I trust him so much that I would feel so much better if he was in the OR with me, he re-assured me that Dr. Magtibay is an incredible doctor as well as a highly respected man, and again that I need to do all I am told to do.  Dr. Kreymerman is leaving soon for a fellowship in Atlanta, I hope his sweet family have a wonderful time making new memories in Atlanta, but I look forward to him returning to Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale in July.  No-Good-Byes- I'll see you LATER, oh and I love you both. I cried a bit on my way home thinking about what a big part of my life they have been, how much I will miss them and especially how compassionate and kind Dr. Kreymerman has been.  I wish every patient could experience this un-condiontional love in health care.


lorie said...

Love you, Monya.

Anonymous said...

In all of my medical history..I have never had a single doctor, and very few nurses, that I love the way you love your doc PK and Heather! From reading your posts I have felt very grateful that you have been in good, educated, compassionate hands. I have on numerous occassions while reading thought; If anything ever happens to me...IM GOING TO MAYO IN AZ!! I am sure it was a mixed bag of emtions today! Im sorry you were hurting so much!! I wish there were something I could do! I will continue to read and ponder and pray for you, and the Williams family!

Sending Love your way!

Material Girl said...

On the bright side, "you look mavelous"!
Robin in OK