Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Breakfast, Puff Pancakes with Buttermilk Syrup

Christmas Tree, Gifts, and waiting to get the phone call from Blake

Tradition-Filibertos for Dinner

We are all about easy food on Christmas
What a wonderful Christmas, we were able to speak to Blake, he is so happy and sounds so mature and spiritually immersed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I have to admit it was so hard for me to hang up and say good-bye, so I've learned from a very wise friend of mine to not say good-bye just say "LATER"  I got teary eyed listening to him softly whisper how much he loves me, how much he knows the Lord has been with me (his mama) this past year, he said "HE is the only way, and I know HE lives mom"  Now as I sit alone pondering the things Blake shared with me today, I have another  strong spiritual awakening, and I need to journal it before I forget.  Finding my way through this test of faith, sometimes I have felt like my FAITH is not quite enough, maybe that the Lord is still waiting on me to prove something to him.  I have failed so many times, and when I have reached the edge of darkness, days like today come along and I realize that HE magnifies what I can't always give.  I too know HE LIVES.  There have been too many times he has reached down and lifted me up, HE is my HOPE, and with every step and breath I take I KNOW HE LIVES., one thing I can never deny is that HE is my strength, and HE anchors me down on days when I think I could fly away.  The Lord has a purpose for each one of HIS children, for me I am beginning to understand mine, it's quite  a responsibility once it is revealed through HIS spirit.  Once you KNOW, then it's time to listen with your heart,  and live it, no looking back.  There are always going to be fears, but I've learned that you have to let it go, just hold on to the burning desire you have to learn from your journey, he will let your FAITH, grow, HE will help you search your soul and give you the strength that you need.


Loretta said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas, those puff pancakes made me hungry! I bet I know the name of that wise friend of yours that says "later" instead of "goodbye" - she's right, ya know? It's never goodbye, never. I'm happy you spoke to your son, what a Christmas gift that was, I know your heart is sad, but remember this too, you KNOW where he is, you KNOW what he's doing, and everyday that he's away is one day closer to him being home. A lot of Mom's kiss their sons and never see em again, so consider yourself blessed. You are blessed. love you.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you on your Dr. M. appointment day.