Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Has Arrived

 It's New Year's Eve once again, and I am doing my favorite thing ever..... ready for it?  drum roll please ..... laying in my big comfy bed next to my honey, and my little favorite man Recker, in my Jammies,  eating Rumbi blackened Maui Maui, talking to Trys on the phone and getting ready to watch a movie "Coal Miners Daughter"
It seems that the years are just flying by, I can now say  that my son will be home this year, 2011 is sure to bring the Williams Family many blessings and much happiness.  I pray that you and your loved ones will take advantage of making goals and changes in your life that will help your family to become closer not only to each other but to our Heavenly Father who loves you so much.


Nichole said...

Happy New Year Monya! I hope this year brings you much happiness and peace!!

Loretta said...

Well, is there a better way to bring in the new year? That made me smile. You are gonna have a beautiful year, I just know it. I pray for you all the time. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Monya my friend!! We welcomed in the New Year much similar to yours! All my children, minus Parker who is in Scottsdale...Boy how even one missing child is noticed! Here is wishing you all the best heaven has to offer!
With much love, thought and devotion,