Sunday, December 12, 2010

I need Your Prayers !!🚩

Went to see Dr. Magtibay a few days before my surgery with Dr. PK ..... not such a good experience.1st off I really, really like him, he is soft spoken and compassionate.   He wanted to do a biopsy of my Uterus, I agreed and this is how it went:

Stirrups - yay
Relax- impossible
Insertion of needle - Yikes
"You may feel some pain" ----- wholly cow did I
Throw Up-

He had to quit the exam because I was in too much pain, my cervix is scarred shut from all of the other surgeries I have had. He was so sweet, got me a bottle of water and sat and talked to me for a bit.   There is a possibility I have Uterine Cancer, and because they cannot do the biopsy I will have an ultra sound next week, he wants to look at my ovaries too, then,  he and I will meet again for my options.  I have known from the beginning that the risk of me getting Uterine Cancer is very high, however, I was willing to take the chance it would not invade my life once again.  My doctors have been honest with me, and have explained that I am not cancer free, I realize this, and still there is a calm and peaceful feeling I have.  I can still say that I am the happiest I have ever been in my life right now.

That night I decided to go to the church for the Woman's Christmas Celebration- (RS) I was so overwhelmed when I walked in, my mind was flooded with memories of last year... I went to the Christmas Celebration for the 1st time being seen with no hair, I still remember the scarf I wore and feelings of vulnerability. Now,  I have a little bit of my hair back, but  some of the feelings are the same,  vulnerability  is soon  replaced with the feelings of Love that I know those ladies all have for me, and I for them.  It's amazing how much you can change your perspective and recognize good hearted people when you are being served, and when you have the opportunity to serve others.  "We are the hands of Heaven on Earth." It is our responsibility to serve and comfort others, I so need to be better at that.

I really need to look up for some comfort, please pray for me.  I have a lot of faith not only in my doctors but in the Lord, he is trying to teach me something, my spirit sometimes fades, but my ears are listening for answers to prayers.  The Lord is Good and continues to bless us with his love.


Loretta said...

Monya - you got my prayers and you got the prayers of many, many of my friends and family. You are a strong woman and God knows you can handle this and teach from it, He's using you, you know that right? You and Trys are two of a kind and together, I know you're gonna do great things from these experiences. That Dr. Magtibay is a good man and God gave him the knowledge to help you, so let him. Don't be scared, you are covered in prayer! Love you.

Melody said...

Prayer DOES work. Especially when combined with faith, which you have in abundance. Count me in!

The Roussels said...

I LOVE YOU MOM and you are ALWAYS in our prayers!!!

Love kayla