Monday, December 13, 2010

I ♥ Dr. Peter Kreymerman ..🚩

I wrote this while waiting at Mayo to go back to surgery with Dr. Peter Kreymerman.

Mayo Clinic, Dec. 9th, 2010.
We arrived on the 2nd floor checked in and we are now waiting, seems like it takes forever for each name to be called.  I really hate this part, but knowing Dr. Peter Kreymerman is in the building and is going to grace me with his presence soon, gives me some comfort.  Poor Eric, once again on his "day off" he is sitting with me in the Mayo Clinic, about to see his wife wheeled into an O.R., hoping all will go well once again.
Today is a busy day in the Mayo Hospital, people waiting to get word from surgeons about their loved ones---- whoa....not trying to judge anyone but a lady sitting close to me has black Capri's on and her leg hair is the longest black hair I have ever seen on a woman-even in Paris it was not this bad-I wonder what her underarms look like? OK gotta get my mind somewhere else, that was gross ....all of a sudden I wonder did I shave my legs? Who cares? Dr. Peter Kreymerman loves me, hairy or not, and I know for sure my legs don't look like that, for one thing mine is blond hair, I reach down and rub my legs --woo hoo--smooth as silk--Seriously?? am I honestly occupying my thoughts  as I wait with hairy legs?
I watch as doctors come into the waiting room and escort loved ones to a private room where they will discuss their surgery.  Eric and Dr. PK will do that in  a few hours, I really want to go home today so I need to pray that my bladder works -
Trystan has called me a bazillion times, telling me jokes and trying to make me laugh, it works, she always makes me laugh.
They just called my name and off I will go into the prep room to wait for Dr. PK.  This next part is all written from memory.  The nurse tells me to put on a robe with the opening in the back,  when I'm all settled in and ready to go, Dr. Peter Kreymerman comes in to grace me, I love him.   We joke and laugh a little, then it's time for me to go to the O.R. the last thing I remember is seeing those huge lights above my head and thinking, soon my body is going to be exposed for all the O.R. people to see, good thing I left my underwear on. 
The next thing I remember is waking up in recovery a couple hours later, and with no underwear on.... seriously?  They took off my underwear?  Good thing I trust Dr. PK.
I'm spending the night here, my bladder is not cooperating, I really thought I would go home tonight, but in the back of my head I wondered why this time would be different than other surgeries.  Eric waited for me to fall asleep then he went home I think the nurse said it was around 2:30 am.  Friday morning, Dr. Kreymerman and Heather came to visit me, and I am still having problems, he tells me that if my bladder is not working by the evening then I will have to go home with a foley and they will take it out on Wednesday when I have my follow up----- OH NO WAY am I going home with a foley.  Finally later in the day my bladder works, but I am extremely nauseated, I was given something for the nausea and I am finally able to sleep a little. Around 6:00 pm Dr. Kreymerman and Heather show up, they look well dressed and Dr. PK even has on the tie I bought him for Christmas last year.  He tells me because of the nausea they are going to keep me one more night.  Saturday morning comes and goes, I seem to be a little better, at least my bladder is working now, but the nausea is still here.  I can go home and have nausea so I decide not to tell them about it, I also start to bleed but decide they don't need to know about that either.  I was released from the hospital and I think I got home around 1:00 pm. Just in time for Recker's birthday party.


Jennifer said...

Ohh, Miss Monya <3 ! First, I am so happy to hear you made it to Recker's birthday party... as your nurse this stay at Camp Mayo, I must serve up a small finger-wag for not mentioning your continued nausea & new onset bleeding (it's just part of being an RN; maybe the "it" happens when we take the vow?!? Better yet, "it" likely happens when we get our license to practice, lol).

In honesty, I could tell you didn't feel so well on Saturday morning, though my instincts told me to let it be... I believe if something is 'bad' enough, my patients will tell me... Though, as a new friend, & as someone who knows the life of spending more nights in the hospital than at home, I completely understand (& am certain I would have done the same!).

I love your blog; what a beautiful source of inspiration & hope for any & all - we need more amazing people like you in our world! <3

You have been, and will remain, in my thoughts and prayers...

Big hugs,

PS - you wouldn't believe some of the leg hair I've seen & contended with, lol! & of course we confiscate your undies in the OR... we don't want ANYTHING that isn't sterilized in there; it's because we love you! Besides, how else do we insert a Foley catheter in which to annoy your bladder?! ;)