Monday, March 21, 2011

What is good and Sweet in Life

Innocence at it's Best
I can't seem to shake off this congestion in my chest, the stuffy, runny nose, major head ache.... sounds like I should be doing a commercial huh?  
I'm lying on my bed watching my favorite little guy (recker) sleep, I had to put his name in there because I don't want people to think I'm laying here watching Eric sleep, that would be kinda creepy.  ha ha
Anyway, Recker looks so peaceful and innocent, he takes all my fears of life away, when I look at him I believe that no-one else matters.  Staring at him I cannot imagine any evil in the world, he is what is good and sweet in life.  I want him to stay like this forever.  It makes me think about Blake in the DR, he has only seen pictures of Recker, in just a few short months he will get to hold Recker, play with him and enjoy all that I am experiencing right now.  Finally my family will all be together again, this year the Holidays will certainly be different than the last couple of years... woo hoo
I will be going to the Mayo Clinic this week, checking in with my oncologist Dr. Northfelt, having tests run and hopefully getting a good report.  My hip is something new I need to talk to him about and I am not looking forward to that talk.  My right breast still continues to ache but I am going to wait and talk to Dr. Kreymerman about that I really think it is just some scar tissue giving me problems.