Monday, March 14, 2011

Mexico Monday

Today was truly a long day.  I had such a hard time sleeping last night, insomnia is kicking my rear end.  The hard part about being in Mexico and having insomnia is  I don't have Blakes room to retreat to, I get to stare at the ceiling fan going round and round, I seriously 

Emily, Haleigh and Hales
Hales, Me and Katilyn
Me and Emily
Robbie, Parker and Brian
Haleigh & Hales
This morning we had breakfast, then went to the dirt mall .... shopping in a dirt mall is fun, not quite as fun as Anthropologie  or Nordstrom but when in Mexico it's where to go.  I just enjoy being with the girls, no matter what we are doing.


The Roussels said...

i cant tell you how bad i wish i was there!!!