Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blake in the Hospital

Mom and Mysti Brown (2nd mom)
Dad and Mom
OLD Family Picture-seriously?
Blake took Pictures with him to the Hospital-RECKER
The Sweet Lady Who Helped Blake
Blakes Hospital Room
Hospital Food.... I feel ya Blake
Santana Family Visited
Family who visited

Last Tuesday, Eric got a call from Blake in the mission field.  He was calling to tell him he had been in the hospital.  This is not the story I wanted to hear from Eric.

He started by saying "don't freak out, Blake is fine"
He looks good in the pictures, I just know he was really really sick, he mentioned it to Haleigh in an email last
week but I didn't really think much about it.
I am so grateful that he was able to get the medical
attention he needed and that he is feeling better now.

When he wrote my personal email last week, he let me know his release date is going to be September 28th..
yes count it down..only 6 1/2 months left..big smiles on
my face, I will be so happy to have him home, but know that we have received some incredible blessings while
he has been serving the Lord.

This week has been pretty sweet but at the same time not as well i had been feeling soo sick since last Wenesday in the afternoon I was throwing up  and a fever at 103.6  it was just a really bad deal and the mission presidents wife just says to drink water and gatorade and she thinks that will take everything away ha, so we weren't able to leave Thursday just stuck in the house with juices coming out of my body from every angle possible sweating like a pig even with the fan on and I tried to leave Friday and Saturday and couldn't do it so they rushed me into the hospital in Santiago Saturday night and put tubes and all kinds of things in me. I think it was just to make it look like they know whats up, but yea i stayed there until Monday afternoon and find out that i have a bad bacteria inside me and im pretty sure i still have it but on Monday the mission president wanted me to leave cuz we had transfers Wenesday morning, so i left feeling a little better and now i feel good but I can't eat anything, I have never been good at listening to what people tell me until I got in the mission, but im still not good at listening to what doctors tell me cuz im a little prideful and like to eat what I want, but when I ate what i wasn't supposed to after the hospital i learned a lesson like 10 times that night hahaha but now im slowly trying and trying to listen to what the docter tells me haha so it doesnt happen again...so i havent been able to work as much in the area this week but we have one investigador that was in the hospital with the same thing that I had so we went to visit her and bring her food and juice and a bunch of stuff like the people did to me when I was in the hospital (when i was in the hospital the hospital was in my old area in Villa Olga and like all the members came to visit me it was awsome and in the night the bishopric came over and hung out with us till like 10....this week we are going to work extra hard to work more cuz we werent able to this last week.
I lost 15 pounds in just a few days.

With love Elder Blake Williams