Thursday, March 31, 2011

He Keeps Me Sane Right Now

NO-ONE loves me like Recker does, he is my little buddy when his mama is working.  Right now he is 15 months old, he runs, he eats everything we give him,  he snuggles, he loves Toy Story-especially BUZZ, Mickey Mouse and playing outside.
This little boy is the best distraction in my life right now, I never knew how much being a grandmother could effect my life, I am  much better at being BONBON then I was at being MOM.
My face lights up when he gets to the house, I love when he comes running to me and hugs me.  If a day happens when Kayla keeps him home for some reason, it makes me sad not to see him, but happy for Kayla that she gets to spend the time with him
Me + My Recker Boy= Big Smiles and lots of Love.


Wendi said...

You are right there is just something about having that unconditional love and trust from those babies. I am glad you have him. And I am glad that you like your apron!!! I need to make me one!!! Have a wonderful week.

The Pocket Inn said...

You are such a wonderful grandma! I love to read about your sweet relationship with him, it is so beautiful. I love babies, they really are little miracles from Heavenly Father. Love you Monya bonbon.

Anonymous said...

He is darling!

m.estelle said...

monya. i just want you to know how much i love you. jeremy and i pray for you every night. i think about you throughout the day. you are such an inspiration to me.