Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Recker the cookies and an Update

Today I spent the day with Recker, he is so cute and fun.  He has not been feeling that great lately, just a cold with runny nose and cough.  I sure wish he would start talking, he is 15 months old and we still have not heard a word out of that cute little mouth of his.  Maybe I am going to be sorry once he does start to talk, but for some reason I just want to hear him say mama, daddy, OR BONBON would be good too.  I love when he puts his arms out for me to hold him, or smiles big when he sees me, it is the best feeling ever to be a grandma, I love it, and I love that they only live a couple miles away and I get to see him everyday.
Last night Kayla was in her kitchen cleaning and she let Recker watch a movie before it was time for prayers and bedtime, when she went in to check on him these pictures are what she found. This cute little guy got into Kayla's purse and got her stash of Girl Scout Cookies. He looks so big to me and looks like he is totally relaxed and enjoying his movie.
Recker scored the Girl Scout Cookies
I love the look on his face
Just chillin' with my cookies ha ha
My right hip is getting worse, it hurts continually now instead of just once in awhile.  I guess I will have to mention that to Dr. Northfelt  (oncologist) when I see him next.  I also think it is going to be so hard for me to exercise with this hip problem, I'm going to attempt it after Spring Break next week.  My right breast hurts like no other, not sure what that is all about, it's been going on for awhile now, but since my last surgery I have not wanted to see, hear, or smell the Mayo Clinic.  I told Eric the other night, it's been about 20 months since my diagnosis, and I have been at the Mayo Clinic more times than I care to mention, the last couple months have been great not having to go over there, well with the exception of seeing Dr. Magtibay last week.  I think I am supposed to see Dr. Northfelt this month, guess I should check my itinerary huh?  This has been quite a journey, a long, long journey but I feel like I am seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, my son is coming home from his mission to a healthy, happy mother.