Monday, March 28, 2011

My Son The Missionary

This is the email Blake sent out to everyone this week,I sure miss my missionary, the growth that he has made is incredible, the Lord has truly blessed him for his obedience.

Blake Playing FHE game

Crossing the River

These shoes have walked miles, time for a new pair

Yonelevi Blake and Ruben

Arletti, District Presidents Wife her children
and Blake
well this week was pretty good we taught a grip of lessons and trying to 
teach the whole world here.  But we have been working really hard with Ruben (the guy that killed people) and hes been progressing and doing really well 
he's learning how to read, we are teaching him, that has gave me so much 
patience, but something happen last Wednesday we are getting home late from a 
family home evening with Estefany and at like 10 walking home some lady 
tells us that the GORDO (fat) that's our friend had a little accident and he 
almost killed the NEGRO (black, Haitian) friend of his.  So we called him 
and he told us that it was just a little problem so i asked well tell me the 
story and he told us that earlier in the day there was a problem where he 
lives and this Haitian got a bunch of stuff stolen then he had to pay to get 
it back (yea I know the people are corrupt) but the Haitian told his cousin, 
Yonelvi (our Haitian investigator,a friend of Ruben) that it was Ruben so 
when Yonelvi got home he was yelling pretty mad at Ruben and then Ruben said 
he doesn't know the story so cool down and shut up and then Yonelvi said to 
Ruben "Te voy mangar" its like a street term here that pretty much means I'm 
going to get Ruben instead of waiting to see if Yonelvi really 
was going to do something, he went home to get his machete and went at Yonelvi  
as if he was a tree, hit him in the arm (cuz he was blocking his face) then 
his stomach and then to "finish him" as they would say in Mortal Kombat, he  
took the machete right to his head and Yonelvi went out for the count and 
now has like a 8 inch split on his head (don't worry I'll sneak a picture) and 
now they are enemies and Ruben says that Yonelvi needs to apologize to him, 
haha I was laughing when I heard that so we talked about Repentance and 
Forgiveness and said he's not one to forgive or ask for forgiveness he says 
he'd reather die haha but we helped him and he was going to but Yonelvi didn't 
want to leave his house so yea that's that...But now Yonelvi is getting all 
his stuff ready, to do some witchcraft like a spell on Ruben, Yonelvi went 
to the capital and had been traveling to do this, and honestly I believe in 
this stuff after the last incident but we will see what happens I told 
Yonelvi if he does this and plays with the Devil that hes going to Hell and 
that God will never forgive him he got pretty pissed at me and got in my 
face like he was going to hit me and then I told him "hit me, and watch what 
happens" and he sat down and got kinda sad cuz he got in my face but we are 
really trying to help these two so that there is peace in this 
neighborhood.  That's our so far here's some pictures 
 con amor