Saturday, March 19, 2011


Eric talked me into going to the Coyotes Hockey game with him a couple weeks ago, one of his clients gave him the tickets and he and his wife were sitting next to us-Thank you Grant and Cathie for those seats, we had a great time.
I coulda said "no, I don't want to go" because I really don't know any of the rules of hockey I just like when they get in fights-yeah who woulda guessed that little ol me would like to watch men in hockey gear fighting to the ice?  There was not one fight tonight, the boys were on their best behavior.
We were so close to the ice, only a few rows up, awesome seats.  We were surrounded by Canadian Flames Fans- including Grant and his Wife.  Eric made a bet with Grant, if the Flames won then Eric would hang a Canadian Flag in his office at work, if the Coyotes win then Grant has to wear a Coyotes jersey (courtesy of Eric)  to the Coyotes vs. Flames game next week in Calgary-whoa Grant was not sure about that one-but he did agree to the bet.  
The night was entertaining, not because I loved watching the hockey game, I loved listening and watching the Canadian/Coyotes fan who was sitting right in front of me, downing beer like he had been left in the desert for weeks without anything to drink, he was seriously a bottomless pit.  He was so funny to listen to, he never once used curse words (unbelievable) he just cheered on the Coyotes, I asked him where he was from he said he was on vacation this week from Edmonton- just so you know he talks really, really loudly anything that came out of his mouth was funny and everyone within five or six rows up or down from him could hear him-all the Canadians surrounding us were not happy with him, cheering on the Coyotes. 
Watching him made me grateful I have never tried alcohol in my life. 
I shoulda gotten a better picture of Eric and I in our Coyotes Team Jersey's, a little story behind me wearing a jersey---- that is a NO ANSWER-- I was ready to go and Eric came down stairs with a Jersey for he and I to wear, he wanted to know if I wanted to wear the white or the black one-- This is how that convo went down:
Eric "hey babe, which color should we wear tonight?"
Me   "hey babe, I don't wear Jersey's, and especially when they are XXL, sorry but no thanks"
Eric  "come on, you have to wear it, everyone will have one on"
Me   "I'm ok with being different, thanks I still love you though"
Eric   "I'll give you $50"
Me    "seriously, there is no amount of money that is going to get me to wear that"
and off we went, but in the one and a half hours we were in the car to get to the game this is what happened
Eric  "hey babe, please wear the jersey I'll give you $100"
Me   "again, thanks for the offer but I'm good, why do you want me to wear it so badly?"
Eric  "well Grant and his wife will have on their FLAMES jersey's and I just wanted to show our support for the Coyotes"
Me    "I don't really care about the Coyotes, I am going so I can spend time with you"
now we are at the JOBING.COM arena, he gets out of the car and hands me the white Jersey to put on.
Eric  "hey babe, here is your jersey you will be so cute in it, and I'll give you $200"
Me    "give me the jersey"

and I wore it proudly..... now what to do with the money .......  


Angela Brian said...


you two are seriously my favorite couple on earth!

never a dull moment when monya and eric are involved.

P.S. USE THE MONEY TO GET SOME OF THOSE SPORTS BRAS FROM FOREVER 21. you mentioned them in a post awhile ago and i ordered some because of what you said... AMAZING!! thanks for the tip, they seriously saved my pregnancy!

Marilyn said...

Smart girl...happy husband...and $200 dollars in your pocket!

Like I said, "SMART girl".....Eric would be proud you drove a hard bargin...but I know you just gave into him to make him happy and to stop him from bugging you about it!