Saturday, March 5, 2011

Just the Two of Us

Eric and I left Wednesday after my Doctor Appointment to drive down to our condo in Mexico.  I have not been down since August.  The peace and serenity being  next to the ocean is exactly what I needed.  3 Surgeries since October, I am not dealing well with some of the personal issues surrounding this last surgery.  I seriously love that the Lord has created a way for us to be close to him no matter where we are, when I feel sad, lonely, happy, overwhelmed, pain, joy, or any emotion I know that I don't even have to kneel, I can pray anywhere and anytime, and HE will be there, that is a guarantee.
I have mentioned lately  the  man in my life I love so much, Eric is amazing and I am so blessed to be his eternal wife.  I don't enjoy driving and my eyesight has gotten so bad since chemo treatments that I usually sleep on the way to and from Mexico, while Eric listens to LOVE songs (one of the endearing things I love about him)  but Wednesday we talked the entire way and it seemed like we were at the condo faster than usual.  I loved spending those 2 days with him, away from the REAL WORLD in Arizona.  We laughed, watched movies, went to eat, held hands and not once did we think about what was going on at home, no phone calls home, no internet service, just the two of us, it reminded me of the olden days ..... some of you will understand what that means but for you youngins' guess what? When Eric and I first met there were no cell phones, or internet.  If we wanted to talk to someone it was on the telephone handing in the kitchen where everyone could hear your conversation, unless you were lucky enough to have a telephone cord long enough to reach into another room of the house where you could shut the door.
On our way home tonight we talked the entire way, about each one of our children we talked about how blessed we have been to be parents of children who are not perfect but who have a true testimony of the Atonement of Christ and understand, they really understand it.  We reminisced about the times when we were younger, even when we dated.  I talked openly about my feelings of growing up in a home like I did, and he just listened.  Then I asked Eric :
Me:"did you really love me, I mean really really love me when you married me?"
Eric: " I did, but I never knew how much more I could love you until now"
Me:   (tears of course)  "I love you too, I love that we can talk about stuff, and that you understand"
Eric:  " I'm sorry I could not protect you, that I was not there for you"
Me:  " That's OK, you didn't know me...."
Eric:  "I know, but I would of protected you, I want to protect you now, I don't ever want you to feel that pain in your life again"
As it grows closer to the time when Eric and I will be home alone, just the two of us again, I look forward to our relationship growing even more,  I know with each treasure and trial we go through together our LOVE grows stronger and unbreakable.  I love you Babe! Thank You !