Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Versailles, Paris day 4

The best and worst sights, smells and sounds of Paris today:
1. best thing I saw for sure VERSAILLES
2. worst thing I saw a mom making a child pee in public

1. best thing I smelled was for sure the fresh crepes
2. worst smell hands down the urine in the metro .... not outside the metro actually on the train I almost lost my lunch

1. best sound of today was the police car sirens hee hee I love that
2. worst sound today the 5th time the announcer told us over the loud speaker that the train was cancelled

✔ I win again for most unique person, Eric could not find anyone ....seriously???

This morning Eric and I continued our journey, going to Versailles. I thought about my girls Kayla, Kaitlyn and Haleigh all day today. Eric said he had so much fun with them a few years ago when he took them to Versailles, and Kaitlyn told me to think of her while I was there. I have to admit it was the most beautiful place I have ever been... you were right girls I ♥ Versailles

I found this bookstore just down the street from our Hotel, they carry old, new and antique books, it reminded me of Kayla she has always loves books, old and new ❤

I fell asleep on the train ride to Versailles, thanks Eric..♡

Honestly, this is my favorite thing to eat, I love fresh fruits

Versailles, the summer home for Royal Families. It is breath taking and beautiful.

Just like a lady, she is covering herself and maybe even a little shy ...... then next we have the men a different story

I hate that some of these pictures are sideways, but I will have to fix them when I get home to a different program... sorry
Ok so I thought this was funny, the statues of men here are always naked and the men look like they are so proud of themselves and confident with who they are...

There are rooms, upon rooms of Art, they call it the gallery rooms. Each room is a different color and the walls are covered with toiled velvet fabric, the fabric itself was beautiful but not sure I want it on my walls.

In Versailles, everything seems to be lined in GOLD

This is a huge fireplace in one of the main ballrooms.

King Louis the XIV's bed, I told Eric if this was my mansion I would have a much nicer master bedroom and the bed would be a lot bigger than this little baby one ♚

Marie Antoinettes room, so much nicer than her husband King Louis VIV ♔

The walls in this room are all made out of marble

I am not one who eats at McDonalds, I remember buying my children Happy Meals when they were little and allowing them to play in the fun area with their friends, but since then I can probably count on one hand how many times I have eaten at McDonalds. This McDonalds close to Versailles was incredibly decorated, very sheik and modern nicer than a lot of restaurants I've been in, and they had a bakery with all these yummy looking pastries.

The Arc d' triumph


Marilyn said...

Loved Versailles.....loved the peasant village that Marie Antonette made for herself so she could pretend to be simple...and the they trimmed the big trees to be squared off instead of round....not to mention the grand canal she had made for boating with her closest friends..I couldn't even have ever thought that big....amazing!!!! Now you must read a book that has Versailles as the setting......then the story will really come to life, now that you have been there....continue having you guys, mm