Sunday, August 15, 2010

Paris day 1

I did not sleep last night, I was like a child the night before Christmas, who does this, who gets 12 hour notice from their husband that they are leaving for the city of their dreams? ME .... our theme NO REGRETS ...✈
Leaving Sky Harbor Airport. we will layover in Philadelphia then on to PARIS.

Eric was so happy to eat this bad boy ... philly cheese steak sandwich .... does not look good to me, I ate a bowl of watermelon

Another huge suprise ..... read the boarding pass .... what is the seat number? You got it 1st class ..... are you kidding me? 1st class to PARIS...thank you Eric. He just wants this to not only be a trip to remember but also for me to be comfortable and in no pain, if possible. ♥ Him for that


Holding hands with our "LIVE FREE" pink bracelets on, if anyone wants one I have 200 at my house. National Breast Cancer month is in October and I would like all my friends to have one.

Relaxing in my private Envoy suite, getting ready to eat a little dinner.

Now for a salad, cheese, tomato and basil and look at that cute little bottle of balsamic vinegar and oil.

1st class meal ... Filet Mignon, twice baked potato and fresh green beans oh and notice the white linen table cloth.

Now for a movie and a little sleep, oh and the TV is my own private, with my own remote .... Eric can't take it away he has his own too. The private suites in Envoy class have seats that fully recline to a bed, so excited !!!

In 1st class we woke up to breakfast, fresh yogurt and granola. Fresh squeezed orange juice .... just kidding not fresh squeezed but it was orange juice.

We took the train into PARIS from the airport.

My new favorite shoes TOMS, these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn and walking everywhere we go in PARIS (I love saying PARIS) I am so glad I have them on my feet.

These are some of the art work we saw in the Louvre today. The Mona Lisa is the most popular piece of art but not one of my favorites. Tomorrow we will go and and see the Monets.

I hope Doctor Northfelt will be ok with me eating sugar and flour, after all how often do I get to go to PARIS? I have not eaten any sugar or white flour in months, I do have to admit I was happy to see this fruit stand outside of my hotel.

I tasted Nutella for the 1st time tonight, on a beautiful Crepe. I know, I know you can buy Nutella at Walmart, but I told myself I would never try it until I was in PARIS eating a Crepe. So now I can check that one off the list of things to do. ✔


Nichole said...

Looks like heaven! Have a great trip! I love the Toms! My daughter introduced those to me! Great cute shoes for walking around in! Have fun!

m.estelle said...

monya!!!!! i am so excited for you!! i hope this trip is better than you could have ever imagined! paris is the best, and you deserve all of it and more! eric is a gem.


Sandy B said...

Keep on posting because right now I am living vicariously through you! Enjoy every single moment - you are beaming!

Courtney said...

Yay! I love Paris! It looks like you're having so much fun! Enjoy every moment with each other in that wonderfully charming romantic city!

Erica Nine said...

OMG how exciting, Eric is the most amazing husband ever! You look so pretty with short hair =) I saw that you have 200 bracelets, I would like to wear one. Have fun in Paris and make sure you shop till you drop! xoxo

Marilyn said...

I love the Renior's at the Musee d'Orsay....and I love Rodin Musee......I bet Paris is in full bloom this time of the beautiful....I was there in the spring and in the summer....the spring was lovely with all the tulips and daffodils.....ENJOY, ENJOY!! or and Bon apetit....every chance you get!!!!

tamy scheurn said...

WOW! I see everyone is happy for you and I am too but... Really I just do not want to hear about this as I am ARI-FREAKEN-ZONA... in the heat... without any good bread, cheese or wine! COntinue to have a great time!!! Love you!!!!