Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Note to Self

Yesterday I volunteered at Deseret Industries if you don't k now what that is, it is owned by the LDS church and is like Goodwill. I put clothes on hangers and inspected for stains and rips in the fabric. NOTE TO SELF AND ANYONE ELSE READING THIS: Do NOT donate used underwear, children's, teens, or adults NO ONE wants them and they go in the trash, well at least when I'm volunteering they do.
On a serious note, I was so happy to finally feel well enough to do something for someone else. I have to admit standing on my feet all day was really hard, I found myself almost getting sick a couple of times, the neuropathy kicked in on my legs and hips but other than that it was a really fun and good experience. Giving back is a good feeling. I'm glad I did it.