Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eiffel Tower, Cathedrals and China Town in Paris

Still Happy In Paris, today was a good day, well is there ever a bad day in PARIS? I ♡ PARIS

Again, I want to thank Kaitlyn and Brian for introducing me to TOMS a few months ago when I was visiting Utah, they are the best in the galaxy ... (Tamy) I have 4 pair now.

When we stepped off the metro today in this area, I felt like I was on canal street in NYC, Eric loved this guy, do you think he made a deal? huh .... it's Eric of course he did.

This morning Eric and I decided to play a game, who could find the most unique person of the day.

1. It cannot be a person with a unfortunate disability
2. The uniqueness has to be self induced
3. You have to get a picture

I think I won, the lady with pink hair ✔
The guy in the metro with the extremly short shorts and feeling very comfortable with himself is Eric's choice

We got some pictures at the Tower but decided we would go back on a different day to climb it. If we get tickets we won't have to wait in line and the tickets are only available on-line 48 hours before.

I love the police cars, and when they have sirens going off, I get a huge smile on my face, the sound of them reminds me of a spy movie.... I know weird huh?⁇¿⁉

If I lived here this would be my cute little flat, look how cute the flowers are in the windows.❁❀❀❀

This guy was selling corn he was grilling, it seems everyone loves it, and these guys begged me to take their picture ...!!

Le Sacre' Coeur ... a cathedral that sits on top of a mountain, it was beautiful, but many, many steps to the top... it over looks all of Paris. We actually were able to take a walk through the Cathedral while they were having a mass, it was really interesting.

These Violinist were playing the most beautiful music outside of one of the Cathedrals

The US could use some lessons on how to build an OUTHOUSE, these are some seriously nice toilets

This is how we roll ..... well not really

the metro is how we roll.... in fact we have so much fun on the metro that sometimes Mr. Romance and I get on the train, pretend we don't know eachother, make sexy eyes and kissy faces back and forth, as if we are trying to flirt ... wink wink ... I;m pretty sure my kids are wanting to throw up right now.

Moulin Rouge .... not my favorite part of Paris, but still needed to be seen.

Famous Fashion District of Paris... I thought for sure I would see Katie Holmes and Suri but no such luck today.

This beautiful gown reminded me of Haleigh, she is our little fashion conscious girl.

Eric enjoyed this part of the day, a car expo, I don't even know what kind of cars these are but he liked 'em.

7 stories of Louis Vuitton .... some serious money in this store $$$$

Paris .... the cars are so small, you can hang them on your wall.


Kristin Breinholt said...

You two are my new favorite couple! You both look like you are having an amazing time and so in love. Paris looks amazing, I hope one day I can make it there.

Marilyn said...
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Tom Scheurn said...

Looks like fun!!! Keep taking pictures since I probably will not be going to Paris. Nothing planed for Tamy's B-Day. She hates Birthdays!!! Be careful have fun!!! Love the Scheurns