Monday, August 23, 2010

Last Day in Paris

I am sitting in the Hotel for the last night in Paris, happy, oh so happy that I have been living in this dream fantasy world of mine for 9 days, but now it's time to go back to reality, tomorrow is the day we will do that, but before we do I just wanted to say ...

This is the man who can frustrate me more than anyone else can, the man who can make me laugh more than anyone else can, the one who puts up with me and my imperfections, he is the man who has stood by me through the years, this is the man I choose to be with for Eternity.... I love You Frenchie !!!

If I stood in the city of Paris what would I see? Well at any given corner, at any given time in the city of Paris these are a few things I saw today...

tons of places to shop, fashion is everywhere you look

People drinking COKE, someone drinking a BEER and lovers holding hands

double decker busses

Museums or Castles

police cars and their cute European sirens going off

Frenchie was so excited when it rained today, he had to have a picture with the umbrellas open and jackets on

This is what Frenchie looked like ......

this is what he was trying to look like...... with the hat on backwards ......note to Frenchie: You look much better

Me and Frenchie, people watching at Notre Dame

Salad, bruschetta, and Spaghetti for dinner

Incredible Chocolate Mousse for dessert

after we finished eating, Frenchie did not want to ask for the check yet, he had told me before we went to dinner that the European culture makes their dinners last 2 hours (at least) this is true, Frenchie and I went to dinner one night and sat next to this couple, we finished, went shopping and walked back by an hour or so later and there they were sitting and drinking a cup or coffee or wine whatever it was.....seriously? So tonight I told Frenchie I was just going to sit and take pictures of him until he got the check... it didn't take too long after that. I said " why not walk, talk and eat at the same time?" Americans are much better at multi-tasking

maybe he should lick his bowl, that could take up some time

or I could lick my bowl

Dinner should not last 2 hours, do ya think? I can sit here all night taking pictures of Frenchie

Frenchie and I at dinner on our last night in Paris

Frenchie sportin' the Sperry's ..... me well I'm just glad I don't have blisters after this week of walkin'

I told Frenchie a few days ago I wanted to take some pictures of people's shoes.... he looked at me like I was from another Plantet..he said I am a creeper, stalker kinda girl. I told him I can tell alot about a person by looking at their shoes...

The lady in the blue pumps made me follow her into a creperie, (who knows how many blocks) just so I could get a picture of her shoes, well actually she has no idea I took the picture... I wonder why Frenchie thinks I'm a stalker?

Frenchie and the French Maid

I don't know what these are called, but they are really cool, 2 wheels in the front and one in the back

Some window displays I liked


Angela Brian said...

two hour dinner?

who does that?

wouldn't that make an awkward first date? having to sit for two hours trying to make conversation.

well you look beautiful, as always.

i am sad that this is your last day, but i am also very happy you got to make the memories you did this week.

i will be honest tho,

i will miss frenchie.

gs said...

This trip has been a delight-thanks!

Tracey said...

Wow! From what I have seen on your blog... it looks like you and your sweetie had a romantic vacation! How fun.
Thank you Monya for the sweet kind words, you are always so, so sweet.
Love you, xoxo

Michelle said...

I have enjoyed your pictures of Paris! Especially of the people. And the shoes. And the food. And the doors. And how wonderful to have pictures with your husband. It looks like you had a wonderful time.

Willi Nixon said...

ugh paris looks like it was a dreeeam! you two deserved it. I'm in Arizona so I'm happy you are coming home, but sorry you have to come back to reality :( love you monya!